4 vegetables with more vitamin C than oranges

4 vegetables with more vitamin C than oranges
4 vegetables with more vitamin C than oranges

Oddly enough, vitamin C is one of the five vitamins most commonly deficient. And in autumn we need it the most, as it supports immunity and gives the body enough strength to fight viruses. And how many delicious, he althy and cheap autumn vegetables there are, extremely rich in vitamin C.


The most underrated vegetable is probably broccoli. 100 g of it contains 89 mg of vitamin C (which is only 1 mg less than the daily dose), as well as the daily dose of vitamin K, necessary for he althy bones and normal blood clotting.


From 95 mg (in the green pepper) to 341 mg (in the yellow) - that's how much vitamin C these bright vegetables contain. As well as lots and lots of fiber, which we all really lack and without which gut he alth is impossible. In addition, peppers help to burn fat faster, and are especially rich in useful antioxidants.

Brussels sprouts

Cruciferous vegetables are leaders in vitamin C content. One serving of this variety of cabbage contains 96.8 mg of vitamin C (our daily requirement is 90 mg), as well as phytonutrients and fiber that help prevent cancer. Try to eat this cabbage at least once a week to stay he althy.


The main benefit of cauliflower is fiber, which these vegetables are particularly rich in, but they also contain a lot of vitamin C. So, one small head contains 123 mg of this useful vitamin - 1.5 times more than our daily norm.

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