How to get iron through food?

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How to get iron through food?
How to get iron through food?

I regularly read the advice you give and hope you can help me too. I am interested in how a person should eat if he suffers from anemia?

When a person suffers from anemia or anemia, it is good to create a complete and he althy menu, but in addition, he must be saturated with iron in order to form the necessary level of hemoglobin. Such important sources of iron are certain foods such as beef liver, lentils, all legume foods, dried white mushrooms, sprouts, wheat, peaches, tomatoes, green spices. In a smaller amount, it is contained in beef, eggs, rye, oatmeal, almonds, dates, olives, raisins, plums, walnuts, watermelons.

This is why all these foods should be an integral part of your daily menu. This way you get the important item. In addition to iron, such trace elements as copper, zinc, manganese and cob alt also take part in blood formation. And these trace elements are contained in foods and fruits such as cherries, peanuts, corn, buckwheat, the liver of other animals, peas, apricots, cereal plants.

An extremely large amount of manganese can be found in wheat and rice sprouts, and less in legumes, vegetables and fruits.

A lot of honey is contained in poultry and goats, less in beef and pork liver, eggs, lean fish, walnuts, mushrooms, potatoes, beef, pork and mutton.

Make a harmonious eating plan that contains all these foods and you will see how you will feel significantly better.