If you want to be he althy, never eat these 5 foods

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If you want to be he althy, never eat these 5 foods
If you want to be he althy, never eat these 5 foods

If you have set yourself the goal of staying out of hospital, having a perfect figure and leading a he althy lifestyle, the first thing you should do is change your eating habits. To begin with, give up these 5 products that cause your body extremely great harm, advise nutritionists quoted by marieclaire.ru.

Banana Chips

It is accepted to believe that they are just as useful as other dried fruits. But no one thinks about how this crunchy treat is produced. And the principle of making the banana chips is the same as the original potato chips: fresh bananas are cut into thin pieces, which are fried in a deep fryer (ie in a huge amount of fat). And finally, to make them crispy, they are melted in sugar syrup. As a result, banana chips are dangerously somewhere between cheeseburgers and chocolate bars.

Skimmed products

The popularity of fat-free products among slimming fanatics is comparable only to the passion of others for fast food, for whom diets are something more terrible than medieval torture. At the same time, fat-free yogurts and cheeses are not at all as dietary as advertised. The thing is that by removing fat from products using technological or chemical methods, manufacturers replace them with flavor enhancers and other additives that should compensate for the flavor that has evaporated along with the caloric content.

in addition, to extend their shelf life, they add trans fats, artificially stabilized fats that, according to the data of many studies, increase the level of cholesterol. And it turns out that the final product, although it becomes less caloric thanks to various chemical products, has only a negative effect on the body.


The big problem with them is the presence of huge amounts of sugar and vegetable oils, generously added by the manufacturers to enhance the taste. There are about 400 calories in 100 grams of muesli, which definitely makes this product an outsider in the race for the title "Most useful and dietary food". If you can't give them up for breakfast, make them yourself - just mix in your favorite nuts, dried fruit and some cereal.

Processed meat

These are all meat products produced without your participation: canned goods, sausages, sausages, ready-made grill - in short, any semi-finished products.

Nutritionists insist that such products be completely excluded from the menu, because in addition to the incredible amount of s alt, preservatives, flavorings and other chemicals, they also contain dangerous fats that contribute to the increase in blood cholesterol levels, cause obesity and related diseases.


In fact, it is an artificial fat that is produced on the basis of water, emulsifiers and most importantly - vegetable fats that are disguised from genetically modified soybeans. The harm of margarine is also related to trans fats, which are included in its composition and increase the level of cholesterol in the blood, stimulating the risk of developing heart diseases.