Is it true that potatoes lead to hypertension?

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Is it true that potatoes lead to hypertension?
Is it true that potatoes lead to hypertension?

New research may disappoint potato lovers. According to him, the more you consume of this caloric product, the more likely you are to get hypertensive disease. This news is reported in the popular magazine "BMG". A study of this kind cannot prove a causal relationship between the potato menu and hypertension, which is why disputes between scientists, doctors and ordinary people have already flared up on social networks. Unfortunately, reliable data is still lacking to settle the arguments between the opponents and supporters of this product

Thanks to its nature, potatoes have become a cheap, mass and easy to store and prepare source of carbohydrates. They are grown in 125 countries of the world, and the different varieties number more than 4 thousand.The daily yield of potatoes on the planet is estimated at more than 300 million tons. Some time ago, the he alth authorities in the USA limited the rate of starchy products, including and potatoes, up to one serving per week. But now the authorities have returned this product to the list of he althy eating in the children's menu. The reason - they are rich in potassium - an element that has a beneficial effect on blood pressure. However, despite the high potassium content, no one had ever studied the long-term effects of potato consumption.

What does the new look show?

Researchers from Brigham Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School in Boston analyzed the effect of potatoes on blood pressure using available data from several American studies. In this analysis, they included 189,400 men and women, and the time frames reached 20 years. The scientists tried to take into account the numerous factors, including and the weight mass of the participants, whether they smoke, their physical activity, lifestyle and diet, etc.n. It turned out that the use of four or more dishes of potatoes (baked, boiled, mashed) per week was associated with an increased risk of hypertensive disease in women, but not in men. Replacing just one serving of potatoes with a vegetable dish can significantly lower blood pressure in the long term. In addition, the authors clarified that French fries had the worst effect on blood pressure in both women and men. They believed that this was due to the oil used to prepare such potatoes and the high calorie content. However, scientists were surprised: lovers of high-fat and high-calorie chips suffered from hypertension no more often than other people. The bottom line: the problem is probably in the product itself.

What connects potatoes and hypertension anyway?

The authors of the project and their colleagues from different countries are still "butting their heads" over this question. According to one of the versions, potatoes increase the level of sugar in the blood much more strongly than other vegetables after eating.And high sugar is oxidative stress, endothelial dysfunction and inflammation. So far, this version best explains the risk of hypertension in potato lovers, if it is true at all. "The way of eating as a whole, and not the individual food products, are important for preserving he alth - this is exactly what we are obliged to study", this is how Prof. M. Harris from the University of South Wales comments on the results of the study and advises readers not to sharpen their attention just on the potatoes, but to approach their menu in a complex way.

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