Attack with watermelon diet

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Attack with watermelon diet
Attack with watermelon diet

Summer is already here, and with it the desire to look fresh and in shape, especially if we will soon be toasting on the beach. Watermelon - the most summery fruit - comes to the rescue!

A watermelon diet will do those wonders you've been secretly dreaming about all winter long.

Why weight loss with watermelon is extremely effective?

The watermelon diet has a very good effect, even on the most sensitive organism, and those following it do not feel hungry. If you trust the watermelon, it is guaranteed that after only a week you will be fit by 3 to 5 kg. And if you decide to do the diet for two weeks, you will lose about 7-8 kg. But what will interest you the most – you won't have a yo-yo effect with your weight!

Normalize your metabolism

In addition to losing weight with the watermelon diet, you will also effectively normalize your metabolism. Also, the sympathetic fruit will help you get rid of excess fluid from the body, as well as toxins.

What is the watermelon diet?

For every 10 kg of your weight, 1 kg of watermelon is applied daily, which is taken 5-6 times, it is recommended every 3 hours. If you are very hungry, you can also eat a piece of dry rye bread with each bite of watermelon. The diet is followed for 5-7 days.

In case you feel discomfort, stop the diet

Nutritionists recommend 1-2 unloading days per week for those suffering from excess weight. In addition, the fruit is low in calories, and the folic acid in its composition normalizes the metabolism. During the "watermelon day" 2 kg of watermelon is allowed.

IMPORTANT! How to tell if the watermelon is ripe and if there are nitrates in it?

To begin with, you could ask the seller to make a triangular cut in the middle of the fruit and judge the presence of nitrates by the color of the inside. They are located near the bark, which means that there the color of the soft part will be lighter compared to the core. Also pay attention to the color of the fibers. It must be white. If it is yellow - there is the presence of harmful substances!

You can easily determine the presence of nitrates by putting some of the soft part in a glass of water. Stir and observe the result: if the water becomes cloudy, the watermelon is good; however, if a pink hue appears, then it is full of nitrates.

In addition to nitrates, try to buy well-ripened watermelons. If the stripes on the rind are not clear, then the watermelon still needs to ripen. There is usually a spot on the fruit - an imprint of the place where the watermelon lay on the ground. This area should not be larger than 5-10 cm. Otherwise, it will mean that the watermelon will be more watery and not sweet.The other thing you can do as a test: make a scratch on the watermelon.

If you feel a strong and fresh aroma from there, then it has been plucked soon. The most common way to recognize a watermelon is by tapping. If the sound is resonant, then she is ripe!

Remember that early watermelons are not as tasty as juicy ones from the second half of August and the beginning of September. Then they ripen in a natural way, without having to use harmful substances.

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