We need fat to live

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We need fat to live
We need fat to live

The main reason for gaining weight is in our head! This is claimed by Dr. Andrey Metelsky - pediatrician, child psychotherapist, sexologist. And he adds: "Ostap Bender was absolutely right when he said: "Don't elevate eating into a cult." Today in our world there are millions of diets, methods and technologies for losing weight. Many people completely seriously and in detail, down to the last calorie, "calculate" their portions. Their heads are engaged only with this - when, how much and how to eat. Here's what he says about overweight and obesity, and rather - the reasons leading to this often vicious cycle: I don't eat - I lose weight, then gain weight again, etc

“People are too lazy to “think and realize the problem they have faced. Nowadays, the fight against overweight and obesity is being waged with all forces and in all directions, but it is uneven and people are the losers," the expert believes.- Because they are fighting the wrong people and not the way they should. If they realize this fact, then this struggle will be unnecessary. Why? I will try to explain clearly, accessible and categorically. Do you know why diets are so popular? Because people don't want to do anything on their own. It is easier for them to turn to some "authority" who will take them by the hand and lead them to the "happy future". And the contenders for the role of such "authorities" are already millions - choose whoever you want, the important thing is to pay yourself. Our body is designed in such a way that there is a constant need for a certain set of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. When he decides to go on a diet, for example, a person limits the use of fat.

Drinks skim milk and ayran,

eats only certain foods, etc. But the body, which needs fat to function properly (forgive me, that's how nature designed it and it can't be lied to), panics. In the end, he strives, tries to get fat from wherever he can, and "hide" it as a reserve.This is, of course, a very general, but perfectly workable scheme. It is exactly the same with the other elements: as soon as something is lacking, there is a deficiency of it, the organism, regardless of our will, tries to accumulate it in excess, because "hungry" times await it. The results of any diet ultimately boil down to the same thing: sooner or later we give up on it and very soon we get the exact opposite result. Many people will probably object to me, citing examples of people becoming slim and attractive after the diet. And further, they feel wonderful, as, among other things, they do not limit themselves in nutrition. Yes, such cases do exist, but you probably do not understand the deep, real reason for this success. These people got he althy and slim not because they tried some diet, but because they finally paid attention to themselves. They have come to love themselves.”

Most often the roots of problems lie in childhood

If we are able to solve the hidden psychological problem, we will allow the subconscious to give the following signal to the body: the complex situation is resolved, we no longer need to "cram" to cope. And so we lose weight, without any effort. The spectrum of our problems is very wide and often these problems are not visible, not obvious. This may be a fear of close contacts, for example, in which the organism metaphorically "extends" its presence in the world. And in this way he protects his tiny, shrunken inner self. Other people gain weight from self-doubt and low self-esteem, striving to become bigger, bigger and more imposing. Reasons as much as you want. The important thing is to realize and understand them.

The child naturally knows how much and when to eat. If he is mentally he althy and eats as his subconscious tells him, he will never become obese. In the 1990s, pediatricians in Minsk conducted an experiment with two groups of children. One was given food at a specific time, with selected dishes.The other group was provided with a buffet - take and eat what you want. It turned out that the children who ate in a free regime received all the necessary ingredients with the food in order for their bodies to function normally. And with amazing accuracy.

In the beginning, food for man is just fuel needed to sustain the life process. However, we teach the child every day how important nutrition is and, of course, sooner or later he begins to believe it. We are still filled with complexes from the hungry years of the past: bread should not be thrown away, soup should be eaten to the last drop… And our child is forcefully trampling calories that are completely unnecessary for his body.

We overfeed, oversaturate our children, compensating for our mistakes and failures in upbringing. We, with the tenacity of maniacs, try to feed our children according to the regime. And in the end they get used to it, but it prevents them more and more from feeling, hearing

your own body's signals

In a word, this has long been said: proteins eaten without appetite will not dissolve into amino acids. The body will perceive them as something foreign and expel them naturally. I repeat: we must eat when we want and as much as we want. The only nuance that does not allow us to live comfortably in this paradigm is hidden in the word "I wish". We must clearly understand and realize that we really want to eat, not for example to get approval, love, solve our problems at work, etc. The worldwide effort to fight obesity with the help of diets and slimming means speaks of only one thing: humanity is increasingly falling into the state of its childhood years and does not want to be responsible for its actions, for its body and for its life in general.

“I am convinced that the problem of overweight, like many other "problems" of modern humanity, is artificially created. - claims Dr. Andrey Metelsky.- Over the past ten years, I have watched with interest a funny process in a very popular magazine. At first there was a series of articles about women's autumn depression, which was allegedly caused by bad weather, the withering of nature and all that. And soon, patients began to come to me with complaints of the same "autumn depression". After two years, they published articles about the "winter depression" related to the lack of light. And you know, my patients doubled. You probably already remember that publications soon appeared about the "spring depression", which was associated with vitamin deficiency. Of course, the "summer depression" didn't pass either, I don't remember what they associated it with. And what comes out: my patients, ready to complain, have already been depressed for a whole year. The same thing happens with articles about obesity and the fight against it. The scheme is very clear: a problem is created, and then methods and means are proposed to solve it.”

Be aware of your needs

“Look, when we eat something delicious, our body rewards us with pleasure hormones - endorphins. It rewards us for doing the right thing, for keeping our body alive. There is a term called "unconscious need". And when it is not satisfied, anxiety arises. Instead of realizing this anxiety, understanding its causes, we silence it with light endorphins obtained in the process of eating. But the need has nowhere to disappear - we eat more and more.

In the end: to get rid of excess weight, we don't need diets, but a clear awareness of our own needs. This applies to both adults and children. Of course, it should be made quite clear that in this case we are not talking about diets that are prescribed for medical reasons. Here we are talking about completely different causes and consequences. Nowadays, more and more people who try to lead a he althy lifestyle and go to gyms do not lose weight.Until we satisfy our unconscious needs, until we resolve our inner torments, deeply stored, we will not be able to lose weight and start eating properly. We may be able to remove fat mechanically by putting in tremendous effort in the gym. But this will be an endless war that will not lead to anything good - the body will sooner or later take revenge for the violence inflicted on it," summarized Dr. Metelsky.

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