Migraine increases the risk of stroke

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Migraine increases the risk of stroke
Migraine increases the risk of stroke

I have suffered from migraines with aura since I was 12 years old. Half an hour before the attack, my field of vision narrows, smells intensify, repeated vomiting occurs, after which there is no relief. I regularly undergo MRI and doppler ultrasound which showed that there is venous congestion and the vessels are tortuous. What would you advise me to relieve my headache?

Borislava Tomova, town of Kardzhali

A migraine attack for a person is stress. And the body reacts to it with very strong stress reactions: blood pressure, heart rate, sugar and hormone levels, and even respiratory function can change. It is important not only to relieve the pain with painkillers, but also to alleviate the symptoms of migraine. It is a systemic disease. You have to learn to live with it to prevent flare-ups.

If attacks occur no more than twice a month, the doctor may recommend heart drops (valocordin, corvaldin) containing a stimulant of the inhibitory system, which will break the aura within 15-20 minutes.

Special anti-migraine drugs (triptan group) will help with the pain. But with frequent attacks, such drugs should not be taken. It is necessary to choose a treatment regimen that prevents attacks, does not allow the appearance of aura.

Those who have migraine with aura are at increased risk of stroke and Alzheimer's disease. On MRI, foci of minor destruction of the brain are visible. Sometimes they are confused with manifestations of multiple sclerosis and the patient is treated incorrectly. The therapy is harsh and cannot help migraine sufferers, on the contrary, it is possible to harm. This data is presented in one of the recent studies.

Migraine attacks can disappear with age, but only in women suffering from this disease. When the monthly hormonal surges stop (and they often provoke migraine attacks), the headache stops bothering the person. But the excitability of the brain still remains the same and the migraine can transform: the work of the thyroid gland is disturbed, hypertension and cardiac arrhythmia develop.

In some cases even emotional disorder (neurosis, depression), sleep disturbance - symptoms of migraine. It should be treated with drugs that affect the excitability of the brain. The doctor should definitely ask if the patient has had migraine attacks in his youth and take this information into account when choosing a treatment.

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