Are you a rabbit, bear or fox in the gym?

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Are you a rabbit, bear or fox in the gym?
Are you a rabbit, bear or fox in the gym?

Autumn is already here, and with it, in addition to the colorful colors on the trees, come some depressive states. To avoid them – don't stay in one place! Do sports! Get moving! Engage your attention

Sports activities help to produce endorphins, which are excellent distractions from thoughts about household problems. Therefore, sport makes us happier, especially if we have chosen it according to our biotype. According to stress reactions, people are divided into three types - "rabbits", "bears" and "foxes".

Rabbits prefer short but intense workouts, mainly cardio. Yoga is not for them, because they will quickly get bored - unlike an hour and a half of dancing, for example. They will then leave the hall exhausted but happy. If you are a rabbit and want to avoid the autumn depression - bet on dynamic sports such as zumba, step, aerobics, boxing. You can swim, bike or just run in the park for about an hour.

Bears are the complete opposite - they feel good with more relaxed pursuits. Disciplines that strain the brain rather than the body are suitable for them, but affect both equally well. Yoga seems to be the right choice here! And also pilates, any kind of breathing practices.

Foxes have the hardest time choosing their fitness program against autumn depression, because they prefer to try everything first before choosing it as their own. Dancing is also suitable for them. But they can feel good after yoga with the same success - they are based on the "trial/error" principle.