Is carrying a smartphone in your pocket harmful?

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Is carrying a smartphone in your pocket harmful?
Is carrying a smartphone in your pocket harmful?

Therapist Victor Lishin talks about the risks of carrying a phone in a trouser pocket. The doctor explained the impact of gadgets on men's he alth, urging users to pay attention to the SAR coefficient, a parameter that determines the level of absorption of electromagnetic waves by a smartphone

“In this matter, the most important thing is SAR, that is, the radiation dose that the phone emits. Moreover, this parameter is different for each model of the device, the doctor explained.

According to him, ten years ago this coefficient was much higher than in modern devices. Now, according to the therapist, there is practically no radiation from smartphones. Lishin concluded that it is safe to carry a phone in a pants pocket. This poses no serious threat to men's he alth.

At the same time, the doctor noted that absolute safety cannot be guaranteed, as no special studies have been conducted. According to the therapist, phone companies are not interested in obtaining data that, after the publication of the results of such studies, can suffer huge losses.

"If information comes out somewhere with evidence that a device is harmful, manufacturers will suffer billions of dollars in damages," Lishin also said.