Early signs of cancer

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Early signs of cancer
Early signs of cancer

Oncologist Ilya Dudakov told how early signs can be used to identify different types of oncological diseases

He emphasized that the earlier it is possible to diagnose the oncological disease, the greater the chance of its cure. Lung cancer can be identified by shortness of breath, persistent cough and chest pain.

Intestinal tumor is manifested by abdominal swelling, as well as pain and discomfort. Regular constipation or diarrhea is also a symptom.

Prostate cancer in men is characterized by problems with urination and erection, as well as the presence of blood in the semen or urine.

The researcher from the National Medical Research Center for Oncology "N. N. Petrov", candidate of medical sciences Olga Smirnova. Cervical cancer, according to the expert, is the most common.

The most characteristic symptom that she recommends paying attention to is bloody discharge from the genital tract. However, they are easily confused with menstruation, so the oncologist advises to pay attention to other symptoms. These include lower abdominal pain, bloody discharge after intercourse, and foul-smelling discharge.