3 "harmless" things at home cause countless diseases

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3 "harmless" things at home cause countless diseases
3 "harmless" things at home cause countless diseases

The fragrance wafting into the home from air fresheners and air fresheners turns out to be dangerous because they contain toxic and harmful substances, according to a new study by the International Organization for Environmental Protection. They contain very dangerous phthalates, which when inhaled leads to an increase in testosterone levels, which indirectly causes reproductive abnormalities. In addition, there are acetone, butane and isobutane in fragrances, which are serious toxins that affect the brain and nervous system.

Fragrances also contain formaldehyde, which causes cancer of the upper respiratory tract, as well as liquefied petroleum gas and petroleum distillate, which cause dizziness and headaches. Air fresheners also contain propane, which damages the liver, kidneys, skin, cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous systems, as well as a certain amount of benzene, which causes cancer.

The perfume emitted by the fragrance is also poisonous. 95% of the chemical substances contained in it are based on petroleum derivatives. They lead to headaches, dizziness and even depression.

1. Scented candles (those that are not 100% wax)

Research shows that over 40% of candles on the market contain lead filaments that serve to harden the scented candle. Manufacturers use lead filaments because flavoring additives soften the candles and cause them to bend. The lead thread gives greater strength, but when burned, the fumes are carcinogenic! Candles with such content emit 5 times more harmful gases than the permissible norm for CHILDREN!

2. Air fresheners

These pleasant aromas drift into our home without even suspecting that they can make us seriously ill. These accessories contain a number of chemicals and toxins that emit carcinogenic substances and can cause us asthma in addition to cancer.

3. Antiperspirant Deodorants

These kinds of deodorants are useful for our own comfort, but they also pose great he alth hazards. Research shows that some of them contain carcinogenic chemicals that penetrate deep into our body. Antiperspirant deodorants themselves are designed to linger on the skin and block sweat glands, which helps the dangerous chemicals penetrate even deeper into the body.

Some of the most common symptoms experienced by flavorers are headache, nausea, dizziness, general malaise. Therefore do not wonder, but throw away the poison and open wide the windows.