Grape seed extract lowers cholesterol

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Grape seed extract lowers cholesterol
Grape seed extract lowers cholesterol

Grapes are one of the tastiest fruits. But not only fruits are good for our he alth: the seeds contain a large amount of valuable trace elements, amino acids and natural tannins. They are used in the production of nutritional supplements and anti-aging cosmetic products. Regular consumption helps prevent aging and many serious diseases.

Beneficial ingredients in grape seeds

The extract is obtained by drying and grinding the product, without heat treatment – the most useful components are preserved: valuable antioxidants, catechins, tannins and tanning compounds, ascorbic, linoleic acid, flavonoids and vitamin E.

Contains phenolic acids and anthocyanins, rare proanthocyanidin complexes. They restore tissues at the cellular level, remove toxins and slow down the aging process.

Long-term studies and observations have proven that grape seed extract is indispensable for the he alth and youth of the body:

• Accelerates metabolic processes, improves absorption of vitamins and trace elements in the intestines, which prevents obesity and diabetes.

• Maintains skin elasticity and firmness, collagen levels. Removes harmful toxins and free radicals, excess fluid, allowing the epidermis to renew faster, restores the freshness and he althy appearance of the face, without morning puffiness.

• Reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood, prevents the development of atherosclerosis, strengthens the walls of blood vessels. Helps control blood pressure in hypertension.

• Activates the immune system due to the large amount of vitamin C. Cleans the intestinal microflora of bacteria, supports the body during colds, stress, acclimatization.

• Suppresses the growth of malignant cells, protecting against dangerous tumors and diseases.

Grape seed extract is a natural means of disease prevention. It triggers rejuvenation processes from the inside out, increasing the effectiveness of diet or medication. The natural substances in the composition are well accepted by the body, which is why they practically have no contraindications.