Do egg compresses help with barley?

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Do egg compresses help with barley?
Do egg compresses help with barley?

The recipe:

If you have barley, heat it as long as possible with a warm egg. This way the barley will "ripen" faster.

The word of the ophthalmologist:

Every week we have to deal with the consequences of such "unconventional treatment". Heat can really help in the treatment of "barley", as they call the acute purulent inflammation of the hair follicles and sebaceous glands of the eyelashes. But the application of such treatment should only be under medical supervision. The patient cannot determine the stage of the disease himself, when dry heat can help and when it can harm.

The problem is that in the stage of development of the abscess (suppuration) heating with an egg is contraindicated. Such a method will spread the inflammation even more, and the egg "massage" will send the infection into the bloodstream. All methods of miraculous healing with dry heat are due to the fact that the heat was applied after the discharge of pus or at the very beginning of the disease.

I would also like to warn women not to be tempted to mask the abscess with makeup - it is better to suffer for 3-4 days than to then treat the complications of the infection that has already covered the entire eyelash area.

It is recommended to consult an ophthalmologist at the first signs of the disease. The doctor will prescribe local antibiotic drops and ointments, UHF heating procedures or physical therapy. Among the folk methods, a rinse with a weak solution of calendula is ideal for this case. Barley appears when the immune system suffers. If you constantly receive such signals from the body, it is best to consult a specialist on how to strengthen your immunity, and at the same time it is good to do additional tests to rule out the possibility that the presence of inflammation is related to other infectious diseases.