Is cystitis treated with heating?

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Is cystitis treated with heating?
Is cystitis treated with heating?

The recipe:

If you suffer from cystitis (inflammation of the bladder), you should take a bath or go to a sauna and steam with hot water to which essential oils have been added.

Urology Specialist Comment:

Such heating relieves the symptoms, but does not cure the disease and cystitis becomes chronic. As a result, the patient goes to the doctor after seven to ten days with acute pain. Sometimes patients at their own discretion prescribe an antibiotic, in which the symptoms of the disease are eliminated by 80%, but the disease is only suppressed. And after 3-6 months it returns again, when the causative agent has already passed from the mucosa to the submucosa.

It is unacceptable to treat cystitis with heating, especially in the presence of temperature. This will not only not eliminate the infection, but will contribute to its spread.

Most uropathogenic bacteria that cause the disease live in the colon and rectum. Cystitis can be caused by both bacteria and viruses, chlamydia. When the local immunity of the pelvic organs in women is reduced, which is typical for overcooling in winter and early spring, poor hygiene or gynecological diseases, the infection passes into the bladder and provokes inflammation in it. You can cope with the disease with the help of phytotherapy and a course of antibiotics, which should only be prescribed by a doctor. Self-medication in this case can only lead to the development of chronic cystitis.