Thanks to these habits, Jennifer Aniston looks like a girl at 50

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Thanks to these habits, Jennifer Aniston looks like a girl at 50
Thanks to these habits, Jennifer Aniston looks like a girl at 50

The appearance of Jennifer Aniston, who recently turned fifty, amazed and made millions of people think. How does the actress manage to look so good? What is her secret? The star answered these questions in an interview.

Do it for yourself

The actress stated that she began to focus on herself at the beginning of her professional career. A famous agent won't give her a part because she's full. Jennifer didn't take it seriously. "Nonetheless, I decided to re-examine my diet." She believes that she realized in time that her menu was made incorrectly. Today, the actress urges people to love their bodies for what they are, and not to chase the generally accepted standards. According to Jennifer Aniston, it will make you feel happy and confident.

Change your daily routine


The actress practices several types of physical activity. Three times a week, Jennifer Aniston practices yoga. Another three days a week, the star spends time in the gym.

She pays special attention to cardio. According to the woman, it helps to "recharge" the body.

He althy food

The actress starts her day with a glass of hot water with lemon. Then he drinks coffee with milk and stevia. For breakfast, Jennifer prefers a protein shake with “bananas, cherries, blackberries, green powder, collagen peptide, a small amount of cocoa powder, chocolate stevia, and chocolate almond milk.”

Another food suitable for starting the day can be a boiled egg, and for lunch he prefers tuna with cucumber and lentil salad flavored with olive oil. In the afternoon, the actress can afford a piece of cheese or soup.

Jennifer also said that she has special days where she allows herself to eat something harmful.

Time does not stand still. And our body changes. The actress is aware that what was previously used to maintain the shape, over time can lose its meaning for the body. This means you have to adapt to changing conditions and look for new ways and methods.

Drink more water

Jennifer advises drinking as much water as possible. According to the actress, it is very important for the body. Another factor that positively affects a person and maintains he alth, Jennifer believes, is he althy sleep.