10 serious diseases that Zofia Shcherbak helps with with her unique healing abilities

10 serious diseases that Zofia Shcherbak helps with with her unique healing abilities
10 serious diseases that Zofia Shcherbak helps with with her unique healing abilities

Zofia Szczerbak was born in Warsaw, Poland. He has been involved in healing activities since 1994, after he received a Ministerial Order for the treatment and proof of serious and incurable diseases before classical traditional medicine.

During the entire period of her healing practice, Zofia worked under medical supervision. Her patients present medical documents before starting treatment, during treatment and after treatment, issued by the relevant competent medical professionals.

The medical speci alty is:

Neurological diseases:

Genetic (Duchenne, muscular spinal atrophy)

Autoimmune (ALS โ€“ amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, multiple sclerosis)

Diseases of the spine


Hormonal disorders:

Pituitary and thyroid adenomas

Sterility in women

Genital fibroids and cysts

Hashimoto (autoimmune disease)

Base disease

Hearing impairment (congenital)

Other serious diseases

For cancer patients who are not amenable to surgical treatment, chemotherapy and radiotherapy

The gradual improvement of the patients' condition is confirmed by medical documentation.

Zofia Shcherbak is the only healer in our country who has a patent for her gift, officially registered in the Patent Office, and official permission from the Ministry of He alth for treatment in an unconventional way.

Phone number to contact Zofia Shcherbak - 0876 320 977.

Anelia Dimitrova, a patient of Zofia, expresses her gratitude for the cure of hormonal disorders, in addition to which were cystic ovaries with thickenings and myomatous nodes of the uterus.

The diagnosis was made on 06.06.2019 by a specialist doctor, gynecologist. During a subsequent preventive visit to a gynecologist, Dr. E.V. on 21.12.2020 he found pathological findings of the uterus - Polypus Endometrii 14 mm - a polyp that requires observation and subsequent surgical intervention.

Hormones on 31.05.2019, examined in a laboratory, were found as follows: FSH 3 (with a norm of 3.5 to 12.5); Prolactin 115 (normal 101.76 to 487.6). In this case, the values โ€‹โ€‹of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and prolactin were lowered. The results of the conducted microbiological studies showed an inflammatory process - staphylococci.

This picture from the performed gynecological examinations and laboratory tests pointed to unfavorable prospects for pregnancy. The treatment measures undertaken by classical medicine offered hormonal stimulation and surgery to remove the polyp, and in the case of malignant cells, another method of conservative treatment.

After a week of treatment with the healer Zofia and at her request, a gynecological examination was performed in a hospital with Dr. P.A., outpatient list 110 of 08.02.2021, which prove the following: Right ovary - normal size and structure; Left ovary โ€“ normal size and structure; Uterus ultrasound - endometrial polyp 12 mm was visualized, and FSH hormone increased from 3 to 7.37 (2021-08-02).

After another subsequent one-week treatment using an unconventional method, a gynecological examination was performed on 15.02.2021 in a medical center in Sofia under Dr. B.Slavchev. Taking into account a thorough gynecological examination in case of possible pregnancy, the following was established by ultrasound and examination: external genitalia without changes, vagina with smooth walls and vaults, cervix without features, uterus of normal shape and size. Right and left ovary - no change. Ultrasound shows a uterus of normal size and structure, ovaries bilaterally without changes. The diagnosis is no disease. Colposcopy - no colposcopic atypism. The diagnosis is no disease. Laboratory tests in hospital, microscopic examination from 08.02.2021 with Dr. M. Yot. - mask secretion proves normal microflora; sowing - no growth of bacteria and fungi.

With these testimonies, I want to prove the achieved results of unconventional medicine and its importance in the treatment of hormonal and genital disorders and thus helping to increase the birth rate in Bulgaria.

Also from the position of a person who benefited from alternative treatment and received a result, I express my position and my gratitude to the healer Zofia Shcherbak.The support I received during the treatment and guidance to the spiritual world is proof that there are people who, with their presence and emanation of spirituality, give certainty that I am in the right place.

Over time, medical research proves that the holistic way of behavior and treatment exists. I'll insert a quote from Hippocrates here: "Before you cure someone, make sure they are ready to give up the things that made them sick".

In this case, we must work hard on ourselves to give up harmful habits, to think about our actions so as not to make our body sick. Every positive achievement of the spirit leads to physical he alth.

In connection with the upcoming Easter holidays, healer Zofia Shcherbak wishes all Orthodox Christians good he alth and high spirits.

Based on photographs taken personally by Zofia Shcherbak, during a ceremony to light the Holy Fire by Orthodox priests in Jerusalem, Christ appears above those present at the Easter ceremony and forms a cross of the Holy Flame.

Happy Easter and may God be with you!

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