Vitamin K slows down aging

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Vitamin K slows down aging
Vitamin K slows down aging

Doctor Inna Pichugina pointed out an important vitamin that slows down aging

It is about the fat-soluble vitamin K (ph iloquinone) is responsible for the normal course of a number of important processes in the body.

It is involved in the synthesis of proteins that affect the blood's ability to clot normally. In addition, vitamin K affects the kidneys and the normal functioning of the immune system. It also strengthens bones and cartilage.

Vitamin K is able to protect against the development of osteoporosis in old age, explained Pichugina.

This vitamin also plays an important role in maintaining youth and beauty. This has been repeatedly proven by Russian and foreign doctors and scientists.

Vitamin K-rich foods are spinach, lettuce, parsley, white cabbage, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower, broccoli and other similar green produce.

Liver, wheat bran, kiwi, bananas, eggs, milk are also rich in vitamin K.

The recommended daily intake of vitamin K: for adults - more than 120 mcg, for children and adolescents - from 30 to 75 mcg.

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