Check your eyesight with this simple test

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Check your eyesight with this simple test
Check your eyesight with this simple test

Optical illusion is a good exercise that teaches you to extract information from complex visual images, which in turn is an indicator of brain he alth

It is important to train the different hemispheres of the brain using different types of exercises and tests.

The puzzles are different in type: Mathematical, verbal, visual.

Optical illusions are based on images that you may discover after looking for a while.

Illusions in photographs

The best optical illusions can be seen in real photos. The work of German body art artist Jörg Düsterwald is amazing.

He carefully selects his models, explores the chosen area where the photo shoot will take place, and then carefully conceals the human body in the background.

The results of the artist's work are breathtaking. His mini-masterpieces spread across the Internet at lightning speed.

Each photo is unique and not everyone manages to see that a beautiful woman is captured against the background of the landscape.

And will you be able to find them?

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