Total hit! Russian diet melts away the pounds forever

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Total hit! Russian diet melts away the pounds forever
Total hit! Russian diet melts away the pounds forever

According to Forbes ranking, Russian nutritionist Alexey Kolovkov is one of the most popular in Moscow in this branch. He himself suffered from excess weight until 10 years ago, and after losing 52 kilograms, he decided to delve into the basics of he althy eating and create a diet based on his professional views as a doctor, writes Trud

So far, he has helped over 6,000 patients to deal with extra pounds and restore metabolism, stomach microflora and gradually switch to proper nutrition. To undergo this diet, everyone must understand the reason for their weight gain, be persistent in the process of losing weight, and have a clearly formulated goal. The nutritionist is adamant that this diet should go hand in hand with sports and in no case should you rely only on a limited diet without physical activity.

The diet is suitable for people of all age groups without children. The diet consists of 4 stages. As a preparation, it can be started every morning on an empty stomach with a glass of warm water, as a result of which the body will wake up and little by little the organism will adapt to the following processes. All harmful foods should be excluded from the menu and bran should be taken a few spoons a day, as it normalizes the gastrointestinal tract.

During this period, the nutritionist recommends eating mostly egg whites, a variety of nuts, dairy products, and possibly seafood. This should last 15-20 days. The main first stage takes about a week and through it a few kilos can be easily lost. Here too, bran is recommended, starting with 2-3 spoons every day and gradually increasing to 100 g per day. The sample regimen that the doctor gives: exercise when you get up, followed by a glass of yogurt with a tablespoon of nuts and bran. An apple can be consumed for a second breakfast, and an apple, grapefruit or any fruit again for lunch and afternoon snack. For dinner, a salad of fresh vegetables can be prepared, adding olive oil, cheese or spices if desired.

Before going to bed it is good to drink a glass of warm milk. In the second stage of the diet, there is a little more variety and it is lighter. Here the menu again contains fruits, bran, dairy products, but rye or diabetic bread can also be included. This stage lasts about a month and its menu is as follows: for breakfast you can again eat yogurt with nuts and bran, lunch can be a fruit of your choice, but not a banana, and you can diversify it with a salad of vegetables and cheese, for an intermediate meal it can be any fruit again, for dinner - only egg white. The end of the light diet is the third stage, which is the most diverse.

Here, there must be at least five meals per day, and meat and fish can now be included. When hungry for carbohydrates, the nutritionist recommends dried fruits, which kill the desire for more harmful foods.

For breakfast, yogurt and bran can be varied with walnuts, as well as dried fruits. For a second breakfast, the first can be repeated, and for lunch - some meat, preferably chicken, maybe fish. Intermediate meal – vegetable salad, and for dinner – egg whites again. At this stage, the nutritionist also allows light snacks with unsweetened tea and fruit.