Caution! Never start your day with these 5 foods

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Caution! Never start your day with these 5 foods
Caution! Never start your day with these 5 foods

We often talk to each other that breakfast is extremely important for our body. Today we want to change the subject and talk about the foods you should avoid during your first meal of the day.

Since breakfast is the first meal of the day, it should provide us with vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, so we should be careful what we include in our menu, it says zdraveikrasota.

Perhaps you yourself are consuming foods that cause the opposite effect of what you desire: weight gain, malnutrition and even hunger.

People often choose nutrient-poor and hard-to-digest foods to fill them up quickly. These foods make us feel tired and in a bad mood.

During sleep, our body rests, heals and self-purifies, but these processes stop when we take our first bite of food of the day.

Check out the following items that are good to completely cross off your favorite breakfast foods list.

1.Processed and unnatural juices


Let's start with one of the most common foods on our table that we shouldn't eat for breakfast. Most consider it a normal part of breakfast because it has been that way since childhood.

The trust and interest in these drinks may be due in part to the contents of their labels stating that they "have added vitamins."

What we don't realize is that besides the vitamins, they also have added sugar, artificial colors and flavors. We already know that this combination is not at all good for our he alth.

Pasteurized juices are not processed well by the body and can also increase the blood sugar level.

If you really want a fruity drink, it's best to make your own freshly squeezed juice.

Remember, however, that freshly squeezed juices contain a large amount of sugar in the form of fructose.

If you want something special, go for the smoothies.

2.Flavored yogurt

Yogurt is another preferred breakfast food. After all, it is a dairy product that we think is he althy and nutritious, but in reality it is not.

Flavored yogurt is the next food to avoid for breakfast because:

  • Causes more saliva to be produced, which can lead to phlegm formation.
  • Flavored yogurt is full of sugar and artificial ingredients.

Instead, choose natural yogurt. You can make it yourself at home or buy it at the store, but always read the label of the product you buy. Must not contain added sugars or preservatives.

If you want to add flavor to milk, just add some fresh fruit to it.

3.Processed meats

Processed meat in the form of bacon, ham or sausages is bad for your he alth, whether it is diet or not.

Most of these meat products contain high amount of s alt and saturated fat.

In addition, are difficult to process by the digestive system and therefore create a feeling of fatigue and heaviness. And this is not the most pleasant feeling when you have a hard and stressful day at work.

Instead of these processed meat products, we suggest you eat chicken, eggs or any fresh meat in combination with vegetables.

4. Cereal in a box


They are classics, as are the juices. Don't the ads convince us that if we start our day with these breakfast cereals, we'll be full of energy?

The problem is that they make us feel heavy and sleepy,that is why it is not good to have breakfast with them.

These products contain a large amount of sugar, artificial colors and flavors. As we saw with the juices, this combination is not at all suitable at the beginning of the day.

When we combine these breakfast cereals with fresh milk, we make the combination even worse.

A better option for breakfast is natural or organic breakfast cereals. You can prepare oatmeal, homemade cereal desserts or whole grain bread.

If you want to add milk as well, stop choosing plant milks like soy, oat, almond or coconut milk.

5.Maple Syrup Pancakes

Delicious pancakes are a favorite of many people, especially in combination with maple syrup or a little butter.

But apart from being delicious and filling, they don't make your breakfast very good.

Pancake batter contains a lot of flour and sugar, which makes you sleepy a few hours after eating.

  • If you don't like the idea of ​​removing them from your menu completely, substitute white flour with oat flour.
  • And as a sweetener, try adding fruit to the dough.

Remember: we're not saying you should never eat these foods again, just try to eat a balanced diet. You can eat these foods once a week without any problems.

On the remaining days, try to eat he althy, without the listed products.

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