Let's laugh! 7 of the Most Absurd Treatments (PHOTOS)

Let's laugh! 7 of the Most Absurd Treatments (PHOTOS)
Let's laugh! 7 of the Most Absurd Treatments (PHOTOS)

Ancient medicine sometimes amazes with its complexity and absurdity, but people themselves were treated and even cured. However, some methods amaze. Not only are they not efficient, but viewed from the distance of time, they can also be dangerous.

The Ancient Way of the Navajo Indians

In this way they treated the stomach, teeth, spine, burns and wounds. It is necessary at midnight, when there is no moon, to go high in the mountains and turn to the east. You should touch your nose and then alternately first the left and then the right ear. In addition, tincture of leopard claw, eagle feather, tortoise shell powder and hundred-year-old pine bark are consumed.Then you should feel like a young deer and not approve of yourself, then you didn't do something right.

Mushrooms and herbs

Ancient people constantly recommended a decoction of poisonous herbs and mushrooms against diseases. It was necessary to drink it before one fell ill, as a prevention. When modern scientists learned about this recipe, they were horrified, because currently such an approach and such doses of these substances are considered fatal.

Bee Therapy

Cleopatra herself often resorted to such therapy. At first you have to let the bees sting you. The special people have to annoy them beforehand, once they sting you, the bee's sting stays with you, and the bee dies. As painful as it sounds, it should be noted that Cleopatra was never sick.


Australian aborigines stand still in the hollow of a tree on which there is a bee's nest.


In China it was recommended that if you got sick, you should spend two weeks in prayer.

Darkness and monkeys

A person must spend 3 days in a dark room with twenty monkeys. This treatment was applied in Rhodesia (historically an internationally unrecognized country in South-East Africa - note ed.). The patient could only eat 3 peeled stalks of sugarcane and drink a glass of water a day. According to the healers of that time, every disease went away with this method.


If a spider bites you, you must run after a crow, then pick up the insect and place it on the leaf of a thorn plant to spin a web, and in the meantime call someone who knows how to play the bagpipes. This is how the ancient Scots treated themselves.

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