Three weeks of free examinations for residents of the municipality of Rodopi

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Three weeks of free examinations for residents of the municipality of Rodopi
Three weeks of free examinations for residents of the municipality of Rodopi

On top of the great Christian holiday Dimitrovden, the Orthodox Order of the Hospitallers of Saint John from the village of Parvenets launched its campaign for free examinations in the villages of the Rodopi Municipality. Residents will be consulted by highly qualified specialists of the Medline-Central Hospital chain of hospitals. The initiative was taken by Dr. Neven Enchev, manager of the medical facilities and chairman of the humanitarian organization, and Eng. Plamen Spasov, mayor of the Rodopi Municipality

From October 26 to November 15, an ambulance equipped with state-of-the-art equipment will visit the villages of Markovo /October 27/, Belashtitsa /October 30/, Yagodovo /October 31/, Krumovo/November 1/, Brestnik/2 November/, Branipole/November 3/, Tsalapitsa /November 6/, Kadievo /November 7/, Orizari /November 8/, Zlatitrap/November 9/, Hrabrino /November 10/, Ustina /November 13/, Brestovitsa /November 14/. According to tradition, this campaign will also end with examinations in the Rodopi municipality building for those working in the administration on November 15. The examinations will be carried out in the pensioners' clubs and in the town halls of the populated areas, in specially prepared premises.

Nearly 24 thousand people will have the opportunity to consult specialists in internal medicine, cardiology and endocrinology for free. Examinations include measurement of blood pressure, blood sugar, electrocardiogram. If necessary, patients will be referred for additional diagnostic actions and hospitalization.

We started this initiative 4 years ago at the suggestion of Dr. Neven Enchev, aiming to help the residents of the municipality by providing them with quality medical care in an accessible environment, said the mayor of "Rodopi" Plamen Spasov. Through the consultations in the populated areas, people from the villages save time and money, necessary for a visit to the personal doctor, and then to a specialist in Plovdiv.

This is the third campaign of 2017. The first was at the end of February, during the "flu tail", and this one is taking place as winter approaches due to an increase in viral infections and before the expected boom in colds months. In May, the Orthodox Order of the Hospitallers provided free consultations for the population of the municipality of Rodopi with eye doctors.

“We have decided this time to give the residents of all villages, including Belashtitsa, the opportunity to consult on the spot, although the mayor, Tsvetanka Chitakova, does not provide any assistance. President Dr. Neven Enchev once again showed his breadth, showed nobility and empathy and insisted that the residents of one of the largest villages in the municipality get access to medical care. A large number of them are elderly people for whom travel is difficult and expensive," the foundation's management said.

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