How to protect yourself from a cold this fall?

How to protect yourself from a cold this fall?
How to protect yourself from a cold this fall?

Autumn is not only yellowing leaves, long walks and cozy dinners, but also frequent colds. Here's what doctors recommend we do to beat the flu this fall.

Wash your hands often with soap and water

Wash your hands whenever you come from the street and periodically do it at home. Especially since you've been holding the phone - it's been proven to stick to the most bacteria.

Rinse the nose with sea s alt solution

Viruses enter the body through the nose - there is the most favorable environment for their reproduction. The solution itself cleanses the mucous membranes and cleanses the "enemy agents".

Be careful about the air humidity

Dust and dryness encourage the reproduction of viruses and bacteria. Invest in a humidifier and, if possible, wipe the floors with a damp cloth. Ideally every day.

Open the windows

The air in the room must not get stale, otherwise diseases are inevitable. It is always advisable to leave the window open.

Drink plenty of fluids

To prevent colds, drink thyme, sea buckthorn, and cranberry teas. They have a wonderful effect and can be drunk daily.

Eat balanced

Three full meals a day and two snacks will give your body the right energy for development and resistance to viruses. You should eat at least two fruits and two vegetables a day, focusing on the "vitamin bombs" - lemons, oranges, kiwis. They can be sweetened with honey.

Eat onions and garlic

They contain phytoncides - volatile substances that destroy viruses and bacteria.

Move more and do gymnastics

Strengthens the immune system and helps fight diseases. Do morning exercises.

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