Avocado improves intestinal flora

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Avocado improves intestinal flora
Avocado improves intestinal flora

Avocado, bacteria, gut, disease. At first glance, the connection is not visible, but it is actually a very important he alth formula

Scientists were able to determine the effect on the intestines of eating avocados daily.

The results may prompt you to change your diet, writes "Trud".

1. Our intestines are a world of bacteria

The gut is the organ in our body that contains the largest number of bacteria. In addition, about 1000 different species can be encountered. This is not a cause for alarm because most of them are he althy for our body and prevent the development of germs and infections. Normally, people have 4 times more beneficial bacteria than harmful ones. Scientists are finding a way to make that number even bigger.

2. Secret Ingredient

It turns out that avocados are a "game changer." A new study finds that daily consumption of this fruit has a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract. It not only increases the number of beneficial bacteria and improves intestinal flora, but also reduces bile acids and increases fatty acids and acetate.

3. How does avocado affect our he alth

Results show that daily intake of avocado increases the diversity of intestinal flora. This, in turn, boosts immunity and helps avoid many serious he alth problems such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. It is also helpful in neutralizing intestinal imbalances and irritations.

4. How much avocado is needed

You don't have to eat a whole avocado every day. Women can try 140 grams, and men can eat a little more - 175 grams. Add it to one of the daily meals. Remember that avocados alone won't do wonders for your gut. You need to make sure your diet is balanced and remember to be active.

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