A cold nose indicates insidious diseases

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A cold nose indicates insidious diseases
A cold nose indicates insidious diseases

People often complain of a cold nose. However, this state of the body does not depend only on the air temperature

A perpetually cold nose can signal various diseases.

Cardiovascular Diseases

In most cases, complaints of a cold nose indicate a malfunction in the cardiovascular system and a sign of myocardial hypoxia. It usually occurs in the elderly and smokers.


Acute hypotension and myocardial dysfunction go together. Hypoxia disrupts gas exchange in tissues. Too little oxygen enters the tissue and therefore the limbs and nose begin to freeze.

Raynaud's disease

Raynaud's disease is provoked by constant hypothermia, rheumatism, stress, endocrinopathy. The disease is manifested by spasm of the vessels and impaired arterial blood supply to the limbs, as well as to the nose, chin and ears.

Vegetovascular dystonia

The cause of a cold nose in a person can be a disorder in the autonomic system. Endocrine disorders, depression and coronary heart disease can lead to a feeling of cold in the nose. All these diseases affect peripheral vasoconstriction.


In diabetes mellitus, thermoregulation is always disturbed, which also makes a person's nose cold. Fluctuations in blood sugar negatively affect the work of the hypothalamus, which is responsible for body thermoregulation.

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