The unsuspected benefits of onions

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The unsuspected benefits of onions
The unsuspected benefits of onions

Even the ancient Egyptians knew about the benefits of onions - onions were included in the diet of all those who built pyramids. But what happens to the body if you add this vegetable to your daily menu?

First of all, you should remember that onions are an indispensable source of fiber, flavonoids, antioxidants, essential oils and phytoncides, as well as tannins.

Each of these elements has a positive effect on a person's overall well-being.

Fiber accelerates digestive processes and normalizes weight, flavonoids break down fats and prevent the formation of cholesterol plaques, antioxidants strengthen immunity and accelerate cell regeneration. And tannins perfectly remove toxins from the body.

Onion increases male potency and even improves sperm quality, in addition, the use of this vegetable helps prevent the development of prostate adenoma.

Workaholics should definitely include onions in their diet as they have a positive effect on the endurance of the male body.

For women, onions can help manage stress, especially during PMS or menopause. Also, this vegetable is an excellent means of losing weight. Do not forget about pregnant women who have a deficiency of vitamins and minerals during this period.

After giving birth, regular consumption of onions will help restore skin elasticity. Of course, before preparing your menu, you should consult your gynecologist.

As for children, onions effectively strengthen the endocrine and immune systems, and during puberty, help regulate the sebaceous glands.

The recommended daily intake of onions is no more than 100 g. Even after heat treatment, onions retain useful trace elements, although they lose some of their essential oils.

Of course, there are contraindications, but they are more for raw onions. It is about people with acute stomach diseases, as this vegetable irritates the mucous membrane.

People with liver and heart diseases, high blood pressure and metabolic problems should also not eat raw onions. In addition, the smell of raw onions can cause unpleasant consequences for asthmatics.

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