For greater concern of dental problems

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For greater concern of dental problems
For greater concern of dental problems

Recently, due to the economic crisis, viral restrictions, many Bulgarians postpone and underestimate the care of their dental problems. But despite this social chaos, I honestly and openly share that, despite the difficulties, Bulgarian dentistry is developing rapidly not only because of the introduction of modern equipment, but also through new technologies and approaches that enrich the traditional methods of dentistry

The innovative dental clinic "ABIL" in the city of Tervel is one of the first private dental clinics, built on its own plot by the ambitious professional - dentist Dr. Fikret Abil.

Through her active and innovative activity, she has won many regular patients not only from the city, but also from nearby villages and towns - Dobrich, Silistra, Dulovo, Shumen, Kavarna, Albena, Kranevo, Varna.

The same constitutes a new modern building on 2 floors, with an impressive interior design, consisting of a cozy waiting room, 3 dental offices equipped with the latest generation of equipment, offices, a rest room, a sterilization room, an office with a panoramic X-ray machine and a laser equipment supporting precise diagnosis and quality painless treatment.

Two years after opening the clinic in 2009, he and his team received prestigious awards, certificates and recognition from the Association of Dental Managers and other dental institutes. Of course, the clinic receives the greatest recognition and well-deserved fame from its satisfied patients.

Dental photography is already being applied in the clinic, by means of which a series of pictures taken before, during and after the treatment of each patient are taken, which, together with x-rays, help the treatment and restoration of dental tissues, including if necessary prosthetics, i.e. in aid of the so-called "aesthetic dentistry".

So diplomatically, Dr. Abil manages to reduce their fears and creates confidence that there is nothing better than a beautiful smile. This is what the children's teacher MARIANA DENEVA shared with me. He also told about the rapture of parents and their satisfaction, how the team of the clinic has won the trust of children and adults.

The clinic offers various packages of services and treatment programs, as well as specialized consultation for each individual patient, and he has the right to choose among the possible methods of treatment and prevention.

For the usefulness and high professional dental care and treatment, I believe that many people will seek the assistance of the "ABIL" clinic. The possibilities to contact them are as follows:

city Tervel St. "St. St. Cyril and Methodius" 18, after pre-registration by phone +359 57512516, mobile +359 878512516 and email [email protected]

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