Assoc. Dr. Anna Draganova: Device detects diseases before they appear

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Assoc. Dr. Anna Draganova: Device detects diseases before they appear
Assoc. Dr. Anna Draganova: Device detects diseases before they appear

Assoc. Dr. Anna Draganova, Ph. D., is a specialist in internal medicine and aviation medicine. She worked at the Military Medical Academy for 24 years. 16 years ago, he turned to treatment with natural products, and for several years he has been testing the he alth of every organ of our body with the "Biopulsar - Reflexograph" device. Here is what Prof. Draganova shared about this diagnosis especially for the readers.

Assoc. Dr. Draganova, how did you turn to treatment mainly with natural remedies?

- Hippocrates said: "Medicine is the art of imitating the healing effects of nature." Even that alone is a serious reason. The flight crew, for example, are prohibited from taking medications because of their side effects. But we give other people all sorts of medications, even when they can be replaced with natural, harmless remedies.

What is the "Biopulsar - Reflexograph" device with which you diagnose your patients?

- The device is German and widely used in Germany and other countries. It is recognized as a diagnostic method by the World He alth Organization. With it, we can even find out what he alth problems are expected in the future. The skin conduction resistance in each area is measured and a graph of each organ's energy state and colored aura is displayed on a computer. Thus, it becomes clear whether the energy of the organs is optimal, higher or lower. Depending on this, it is determined what problems the patient has or has had and which natural products are suitable for their treatment or prevention. I will emphasize the scientific seriousness of measuring energy fields. In recent years, more than 300 scientific developments have been made for treatment using the reflex zones. Testing is done by placing the hand on 43 gilded pylons

Each pylon is responsible for a specific authority and the equipment reports its status. The device is completely harmless and can be used by children and pregnant women.

Give a specific example

- If the equipment reports that the energy of the liver is not optimal, this indicates that the patient has or has had a liver problem. Depending on the problem, I recommend herbal products to improve the functional state of the liver, such as milk thistle capsules. In 1968, the biochemical composition of the spotted milk thistle was deciphered at the Munich Pharmaceutical Institute - it contains about 200 components that protect liver cells from various damages and help to regenerate them. I can recommend the artichoke syrup, which has a gold medal for the best liquid artichoke product. It improves liver samples and the patient's condition, including cirrhosis. These and all other products I work with are manufactured using new technologies of the highest quality, using production standards (GMP, ISO), with statistically proven action through scientific developments for each product, which are assigned to doctorate students. I also use aromatherapy with essential oils, but pure, natural, unlike those that are sold for 5-6 BGN. Aromatherapy is a very old, wise and scientifically based method of prevention and treatment, recognized in many countries as a separate medical speci alty.

What diseases does aromatherapy help with?

- For every disease and condition there are suitable products or combination of essential oils with other natural products for internal and external use.

They are indispensable for people with drug allergy, which is my case. I have had an allergic shock to medication and, of course, am off medication, as are many other people. I recently caught a bad cold after spending a night in Barcelona airport without a coat. Instead of an antibiotic, paracetamol and other usual medications, which I am rightly afraid of, I was helped by essential oil of tea tree with manuka and kanuka, which has antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal effects. For coughs, I use oil of 33 alpine herbs, of which 1-2 drops are added to tea. An essential oil has a variety of actions because it contains from 200 to 500 ingredients, dosed by nature itself. But "do-it-yourself" in aromatherapy can be dangerous, because there are principles, rules, different methods, and above all, knowledge and experience are needed.

Can blood pressure be regulated without medication?

- There is a program for this problem as well. Most people distrust her, especially her colleagues. This is not surprising because we apply what we have learned. We cannot deny pharmaceutical preparations, but only where it cannot be done without them and for emergencies. If good prevention is done with natural products, it will be much less necessary to use chemicals. Garlic products can be taken especially with hypertension. It has a beneficial effect on the immune and cardiovascular systems, calms the nervous system, regulates blood pressure. However, it irritates the stomach, its aroma is unpleasant, but capsules with garlic oil and other herbs regulate blood pressure, without the manifestation of its unpleasant qualities. Orange oil is also used, which acts as an anti-stress, anti-depressant, general sedative and regulates sleep. However, an individual program is made for each patient. There are also essential oils that regulate blood sugar in diabetes.

How do you deal with autoimmune diseases?

- It's really more complicated with them, but we still have products that make patients better. Serious, often leading to disability, are the problems of the locomotor apparatus - spikes, osteoporosis, arthritis, etc. Pain relievers and other medications for joint problems have side effects, especially on the gastrointestinal tract. And there are natural products that I work with, without side effects.

2 months ago, parents brought their 9-year-old child with atopic dermatitis. They called me now that with the program used the child is now about 80% improved. With him, we started by cleaning the body from the inside, because what breaks out on the skin comes from the inside. Now we proceed with internal and external means and we will succeed as in other similar cases.

What other diseases do you treat this way?

- In reality, a therapeutic program has been developed for each disease. I was most surprised that there is a program for oncology and that people are getting better from it. Colleagues may accuse me of saying untenable things. But practice shows otherwise.

How does this program work?

- More and more often it is written that one of the causes of cancer is viruses, fungi, bacteria with which our body is overpopulated. The oil I use, in addition to having antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial effects, stops the growth of atypical cells - both benign and malignant.

What kind of oil is this?

- For tea tree oil in combination with manuka and kanuka. The tea tree grows only along the east coast of Australia. Its oil is called a "pharmacy in a bottle" because it can improve various problems. They also added manuka oil, which has a one-way but much stronger effect than tea tree. Manuka only grows in New Zealand and is very expensive. Pure manuka oil alone will be difficult to sell. The unique combination of the three plants makes the action of the oil extremely effective. The program also includes other natural products.

How much BGN does the therapy cost per month?

- One vial of 10 ml of essential oil has 240 drops. Usually the dose is 1-2 drops twice a day. One vial lasts for 3-4 months and costs different - from 16 to about 30 BGN. There are also more expensive products, for example "Fito 40" (over 60 BGN), for problems of women in menopause, or herbal capsules for problems with the prostate gland. Quality has a price. Aren't chemical drugs more expensive for us both in terms of price and side effects? Therefore, I recommend that people, before buying a medicine, ask for the leaflet from the pharmacist, see the described side effects and interactions with other medicines they are taking. They should know that there are also natural remedies that will not harm them. "Do no harm!" said Hippocrates.