Dr. Emilia Mihailova: In most cases, acupuncture acts as "Ambulance"

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Dr. Emilia Mihailova: In most cases, acupuncture acts as "Ambulance"
Dr. Emilia Mihailova: In most cases, acupuncture acts as "Ambulance"

Dr. Emilia Mihailova is a specialist in acupuncture. He has a completed speci alty in pediatrics. In 1991, he specialized in acupuncture in Mongolia under Prof. Badarchin and has been actively practicing this type of treatment until now. It achieves excellent results in internal and neurological diseases, of the thyroid gland, ENT-diseases, bone-joint diseases, disorders of peripheral circulation and diabetic polyneuropathy, hormonal disorders and inflammatory diseases of the female reproductive system. Dr. Mihailova treats both children and adults using this method

What is the mechanism of impact in acupuncture, as well as the effect of applying this method, see in the interview with Dr. Mihailova.

Dr. Mihailova, as far as I know from foreign literature, acupuncture is one of the few methods recognized by official medicine. What is the essence of this therapy. By what mechanism does it work?

- Acupuncture affects yet another system that exists in biological species and is different for each of them. It affects the energy envelope of a person. Each biological species has its own electromagnetic field, which is different in characteristics for individual species. It has been studied for a long time. Once upon a time, medicine was not divided into traditional and non-traditional. The things we are talking about with you now were known back then and were worked on in the treatment plan. Although this information has been suppressed for the last 500-600 years, it is only now coming out again. Because, as I have already said, this system has been studied, it is worked with, and in fact it is the matrix by which the work of all tissues and organs is set at the cellular level, at the atomic level. This is the program the body works on.

However, it can also be contaminated, altered in one way or another, and when this happens, corresponding diseases arise. But when the program is changed, when it is affected, the tissues begin to change accordingly to regeneration, to improvement. This is the mechanism by which acupuncture works.

What happens when the energy field is disturbed?

- Roughly speaking, one can imagine a system of jumpy vessels through which this energy flows. It has its corresponding centripetal and centrifugal paths, i.e., figuratively speaking, it rotates around the whole body, which is conditionally divided into pieces, into meridians. But this system can be contaminated with another vibrational frequency, the energy can be stopped, there can be a certain area where there is no energy supply and flow. There may also be places of energy accumulation. All this leads to corresponding suffering in the tissues that are fed by a given energy flow.

Are you saying that one part of the body may be lacking energy while another part is accumulating it?

- Absolutely. Note that this can also be done knowingly by people who work with this matter. Unfortunately, there are people who are negative and quite purposefully make such misery - either in thought or in action.

And is it possible to unconsciously direct such negative energy?

- Yes, it can. Any negative energy caused by suffering, by depression, by offense, by fear, is a negative energy vibration. And it pollutes the environment, it is transferred to family members, to the people around, in the workplace for example. However, I want to point out something important: if a person feels and knows about such a negative energy influence, in no case should he feel anger, anger, and also a negative emotion towards the person concerned. Because that's how all this negative energy gets even stronger. You just need to help this person and make him understand why it shouldn't be like this.


Which diseases does acupuncture mostly affect?

- I cannot list all the diseases in which acupuncture works. I would say that it acts on absolutely all tissues and organs. Because the specialist works with the energy system, which feeds the entire body. Of course, when there is already some degree of tissue damage, we are not gods, but I assure you that the possibilities for regeneration and repair are many, many times greater than people realize. And very often things happen that you cannot predict. The other side or let's say colleagues say: this cannot be because there is no explanation.

No, it has an explanation, but we haven't gotten to it and we don't even want to hear it. Many diseases and conditions can be treated, of course, I am talking about what I can do and achieve. Acute inflammatory processes are affected most quickly and efficiently - either due to a bacterial or viral infection, or due to trauma or due to some other process. The only thing I wouldn't allow myself to touch is a malignant process in an active phase, as well as some, but not all, autoimmune diseases.

There you no longer know how, when and at what point in the illness the patient will react. Because, I say again, we are not gods, there are things that are already very deep. Personally, I don't always allow myself to touch there. Otherwise, if patients come to me, young and old - with purulent angina; with bronchitis - either viral or bacterial; or let's say a sprain with severe swelling of a knee, ankle joint; with inflammation due to one reason or another, for example in the shoulder joint, these conditions are affected very quickly and without medication.

In most cases, acupuncture acts as "Ambulance".

Do you provide individual therapy for each patient? How many procedures are needed?

- If it is a very fresh condition, one, two, three procedures are enough, it depends. One course is not always enough, more or less 10 procedures are needed. There are diseases and illnesses. For example, there is no way I can fix one rheumatism or arthritis with 10 procedures. I can maintain it, normalize it, put it into remission. But some maintenance treatment will be required once a year or every 6 months. I'll say it again - it depends on the patient's condition.

You are a pediatrician and I immediately ask you if the method can also be applied to children? And when?

- I have been practicing acupuncture for 27 years. And yes, I work with children, they are more gracious patients than adults.

The good thing about the method is that there is no damage at all. It can cause a kind of cleansing reaction in the body, which if you don't warn the patient, he can take it as an aggravation. Ie, to think that the acupuncture caused the deterioration

It's not like that, it's just starting a cleansing crisis, a reaction of the diseased tissues. This is always there, in all people - in some weaker, in others stronger. But this crisis lasts for a few days, then things start to improve. And I assure you, the effect is great. I personally know what to expect in any case. With children, everything happens much faster. They are more reactive organisms, and as quickly as they can get worse, they can get better. No problem there.

Can acupuncture be used alongside traditional medicine?

- Only in specific states. In most cases, I don't want my medication mixed up. If, for example, a person has any cardiovascular diseases, which he treats with hypotensive therapy, with beta-blockers, they cannot be stopped suddenly. But very often, almost always, to a large extent, both cardiovascular activity and blood pressure, respectively, are normalized. Then it is necessary to reduce the medication. But in most cases, if it is a question of inflammatory processes, I do not allow parallel administration of an antibiotic, as well as specific and non-specific anti-inflammatory. As long as it's not a permanent cortisone treatment. It depends on the disease. But in general, I don't prefer acupuncture and drug treatment to go together. But once again I will say - both are medicine and are one whole. We have syllabically separated them, but this is temporary. So there is a place for both medication and this type of therapy, and I think they should not be separated. In the future, we will learn to handle more and energetically, and then we will have many more possibilities and methods.

You know, if the luminaries, if the whole human community has recognized or not recognized something, it does not mean that it does not exist. There is already so much information, scientific work has been carried out in all kinds of institutions and clinics around the world. And many of these supposedly unanswered questions have long been answered. But I venture to say that this information is deliberately not disseminated, or if an attempt is made to divulge it, it is stopped. I assure you that in the 27 years that I have been practicing, there has been a huge jump.

Interesting Case

“The cases are many. But I think of a child with a high fever, with purulent angina. I prescribe him some herbs and teas, and in 2-3 days this inflammation has passed, without an antibiotic. Another specific case: sprained ankle, not broken, but ligament injury occurs, the ankle swells, the person cannot step on his leg. He goes to traumatology and they put a splint on him for a month or at least for 20 days. He comes to me, I remove the splint, put in needles, and after a day or two he is walking normally. It may sound illogical and even abnormal, but it is the truth. I work on these cases non-stop," added the specialist

And he adds that people should learn that before they have tried something, that they should not give an opinion. An opinion can be given if the person has a basis, if there is a database

“If you have not experienced something, you cannot say: I believe, I do not believe. It's not about faith. This first. The other thing I want to say is that every energy work is specific and not every person - whether they are medical personnel or not - knows how to do it. There is a difference in who works how. This applies to each person in his own field, and it also applies to standard medicine. But here the matter is different and it is not just theoretical information that is given to someone. There are other things that work to have a healing effect

As it became clear, in addition to all the systems in the body that we have studied - digestive tract, excretory system, cardiovascular, etc., we have one more system. We do not see it, but there is a way to explore it. This is the energy field that sets all primary biochemical processes in the body. And it is responsible for whether you are alive or not, and whether a part of the whole organism is working properly or not at all. Acupuncture works with the energy field and at this level makes changes - automatically, the second the power supply changes in one way or another. I.e. this is how the biochemical and biophysical processes in the cells change, which leads to normalization, to the regeneration of tissues, to the restoration of diseased places and organs", summarized Dr. Mihailova