Be careful with antiperspirants

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Be careful with antiperspirants
Be careful with antiperspirants

I use antiperspirant cosmetics all the time and I feel comfortable all day. But recently I read that they can cause breast cancer. Is it true?

Bilyana Karakostova, Burgas city

In any case, a similar assumption was recently expressed by American and French scientists. The fact is that antiperspirants contain aluminum s alts, which contribute to the narrowing of the excretory channels of the sweat glands.

And when examining tissues for malignant tumors after surgery to remove the mammary gland, these substances are often identified. Of course, the version still needs to be proven, but for women who have even the slightest problem with their breasts, we would not advise the constant use of antiperspirants. They are also contraindicated for people with a tendency to allergies, suffering from hidradenitis - painful suppuration of the sweat glands.

Antiperspirants should be applied in the morning after a person has taken a shower and dried the underarm area well with a towel. If applied to wet skin, an allergic reaction may occur.

In the evening, the antiperspirant should be washed off so that the sweat glands are cleaned and restored to their work. It is recommended to stop using them at least two days a week, for example on Saturday or Sunday.

Ordinary deodorants are less harmful - they simply neutralize the microbes that create the unpleasant smell. There are combination products that include deodorant with a small dose of antiperspirant.

By the way, a new way to eliminate excessive sweating has recently appeared: the outlets of the sweat glands are injected with special preparations that include botulinum toxin. In this case, the armpits can remain dry for up to ten months.