Symptoms that indicate kidney problems

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Symptoms that indicate kidney problems
Symptoms that indicate kidney problems

Kidneys perform vital functions in the body, including eliminating toxins and controlling blood composition. It is they that help pump the blood and send it to the organs to function normally

If the kidneys are under too much stress, then they can do their job poorly, leading to many diseases. But what symptoms indicate kidney problems.

Swelling of face

Swelling from kidney disease is most often seen on the face and can also be seen on the limbs. It appears very quickly after the onset of the disease and is best seen in the morning. This is due to the difficulties in excreting s alts and water from diseased kidneys. It leaves some of the water in the body and it turns into edema. In addition, in kidney diseases, protein is excreted from the body through this organ, which also contributes to water retention in the body.

Frequent urination

Frequent going to the toilet can also be associated with kidney disease. This is due to the fact that the kidneys do not function well and do not leave fluid in the body - a symptom opposite to edema. Along with this, a person experiences dehydration, s alt stagnates and stones appear.

Low back pain

With acute inflammation and neoplasms, people may experience pain in the lower back. Most often, it increases with movement and can be observed on one or both sides. At first, a person may be bothered by pain in this area, but as the disease progresses, the pain is transferred to the thigh or groin.

Rising temperature

People with kidney disease are more likely to experience general intoxication, which includes fever and weakness. Because of this, kidney disease is not diagnosed immediately, as the first symptoms are similar to the common cold. However, this is due to changes in the composition of the blood. The fact is that the kidneys filter the blood and prevent toxins from penetrating through them, and if they do not function properly, intoxication begins.

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