Dr. Plamen Kyosev: I treat cancer with Mishin discs and homeopathy

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Dr. Plamen Kyosev: I treat cancer with Mishin discs and homeopathy
Dr. Plamen Kyosev: I treat cancer with Mishin discs and homeopathy

Dr. Kyosev, tell us briefly about yourself. I understand that a serious illness took you to Moscow in early childhood

- I was operated on for lip cancer, I survived about 25 operations. My childhood was complicated, let me put it that way. I grew up among doctors, always thinking, always with a passion for the profession. This probably taught me later in life how to think, how to work, to act in certain cases, to react to situations.

I have tried many times to get out of my medical focus and do something else. I believe in signs, I believe in God showing us the way and guiding us, and if we don't listen, he punishes us and puts us where we need to be. You've heard the expression that doctors heal with the hand of God. But sometimes even the best specialist makes mistakes.

Basically speaking, he's about to have surgery, but he's not having a day, as we like to say. On the other hand, it is God's will, in the sense that this person who is being operated on has ended up where even the best specialist cannot help him. Ultimately, I think that everything that happens in our life, everything that we see, we transform it, turn it into something that helps us live more lightly. We, our human species, arrange things in such a way that we are comfortable, that we feel good, that we rejoice, that we live, that we are well.

Isn't that called evolution?

- This is not evolution. Evolution is when some stress has to be experienced, i.e., new conditions to adapt to. And we are now at a standstill, and a good one at that. I have done various experiments and I want to say that we do not notice a very large part of what arises around us. And this is because we are extremely focused on the sexual relationship between man and woman. In our life, nothing happens just like that. Everything is caused by other circumstances, I'm talking about causation in life.

And since we cannot influence these circumstances, what do we do then?

- One always has a choice. It's just that we often only do what is convenient for us. Many times I have seen patients who could benefit from at least two choices, if not dozens, but no. He wants it to be as he imagines it. And this is already selfishness, because for successful cancer treatment, the patient must change his thinking. Precisely because this thinking led him to the disease. Of course, we all know that besides the psychological part, the way of life, eating, everything that depends on us, including and public relations.

In this regard, what is your view on homeopathy? I'm still a little skeptical about this method…

- I was also very skeptical. With herbs there are limitations, i.e., some kind of extraction must be done and this chemical part must be in a certain dose. This is also the beginning of the pharmaceutical industry. It is from the extracts that the pharmacy was started.

And homeopathy appeared subsequently, when it was seen that the extracts could not give the desired effect. I mean, looking for some minimal side effects from the treatment anyway. What I have found as a reason to point to homeopathy as a reliable method is the fact that it comes into contact with the microwave part of the cells and the intercellular space. Because every organism has vibrations. Each cell, each molecule has its own vibrations, or to put it more figuratively, each organism has its own vibrational song. And it can be examined with a device, with an apparatus that both diagnoses and regulates and enters into dissonance. For example, it suppresses the development of viruses and bacteria, and eliminates the likelihood of their future growth. That is, a direction is given to end this infectious disease.

Dr. Kyosev, what diseases do you influence most easily with your treatment methods?

- The more acute the condition, the faster it is affected, for example, I treat the flu for 1-2 to 3 days, because it is an acute illness and has one root cause. But if it is joined by, say, some staphylococcus, then I treat post-influenza conditions

As far as chronic diseases are concerned, the cause must be looked for, and I immediately think of pointing out the allergy. I may surprise many of your readers, but the truth is that the causes of at least 95% of allergic diseases are neurogenic infections. Such are herpes, cytomegalo virus. I treat by influencing these neurogenic infections and the disease passes, depending on the defeat of the mucous membranes.

There's no way I won't ask you about this, do you treat cancer and with what effect?

- I can say that I have also treated stage 4 cancer. But, unfortunately, often in the last stages, patients die. In this regard, I must point out that this is a very important constituent, which, however, cannot be measured. And it is called life force. If the sick person has this life force, he can fight back. Everyone has a cup of life force and uses it throughout life. You see, to me cancer, although I have a bunch of my own thoughts and doubts in my head, is entirely a disease of the intercellular space. This is what I try to explain in the lectures I give when I come to Bulgaria. In this intercellular space, an additional link is created to feed the cells. Which in fact gives them the opportunity to divide quickly and inexpediently, indiscriminately. This is my discovery.

What methods are you trying to treat cancers?

- I will start with the so-called Mishin's discs, which we remade, are called bihilar discs. In short: they create a static field that affects the cellular level, activating the work of cells that work and restore he alth. It affects the biological fields, which greatly increase. This is called wave medicine, and it is beginning to enter practice in earnest. It achieves success both as an impact on the psyche and the body. This unconventional cancer treatment by wave method is attracting the greatest interest.

Oncological burdens are eliminated, i.e., oncological predispositions embedded in us from our birth, which could be activated during our life. When these oncological predispositions are cleared, when the pathology disappears, the immune system works properly again and he alth returns.

I mean that homeopathy cannot catch these connections in the intercellular space because they are physiological. That is why my fellow homeopaths often refuse to treat cancer because they cannot understand the cause. I have already explained it, but let me go back to the disks, because they are the ones that catch and destroy this additional connection for feeding the cell. It's a simple disc that you put in the right place and it resonates with that place and breaks that connection. The valuable thing is that there are no side effects. I'll repeat again - it only destroys additional connections in the intercellular space.

I hasten to say right away that the treatment of cancer is complex, you cannot cure it only with the discs. After destroying a bunch of cells, toxins are released that kill the person, so there must be detoxification. There has to be a dosage and this is where homeopathy comes in - in this case it is ideal for helping in the healing process. Homeopathy deals with both toxins and restoring proper cell division.

Are these disks freely accessible?

- I think they are sold in many places, and I personally made a complete set of 4 discs with all the possible variations invented over time.

- Could you share a case from your practice that you will never forget?

- They are so many. But as soon as you insist, a woman weighing 150 kg came to me, literally fell on her knees and said: "I want to lose weight, I'm 37 years old, I've never been thin, I've been fat since birth. I will do anything you say, just to lose weight. I'm still a virgin, I want a normal life, I want a family with a man and children".

Anyway, I agreed by telling her that she should come to me every week as, I admit, such consultations and therapies are not cheap at all. I won't go into details, but after a year she already weighed 85 kg. And after another year there was already a man and a child.

How did you achieve this result?

- Mainly through homeopathy, but, of course, also with everything else that cannot be changed - the way of eating mainly. This lady left home and went to a boarding house because she lived with her mother and sister, all fat. They have that mentality. That's why everything had to change.

After she gave birth to the child, she continued to come to me for some time, to keep in shape and in general he alth, but then she disappeared. I later found out that she had gained 130 kg again, but was already visiting another homeopath. I want to say that I deal with such problems, but I demand categorical implementation of all recommendations.

I hear you are a researcher and looking for solutions - is that right?

- This is the only interesting thing, because otherwise - you go to a treatment scheme, which sometimes leads to mistakes, to misunderstanding of things. Which, after all, sometimes leads to sad consequences. Most of the doctors work like this - they simplify things to some schemes and treat according to them.

Dr. Kyosev, what do you call people to in your lectures?

- If possible to have an interesting life. To each his own, that's he althy. To do no harm to others, the first is to protect others. There are many interests in life, if we use one hundredth of what we can, we will make our life much more interesting. I mentioned to you that I experiment a lot. It turns out that life is diverse, colorful, different. Everything has its own cycle, its own life, and it doesn't care that there is any humanity.

We are a small part that we transform in our own way so that we can survive. All our inventions are the fruit of what we have added, added and transformed for our own good.

And how do we proceed? Should we get better as everyone recommends?

- How to get better? Well, we are now in the golden age of goodness.

Aggressiveness is now curbed and mortality is much lower compared to previous centuries… We now live just like the kings in the 1700s for example. We have a bathroom, a toilet, detergents, before that we were one big stinking mass of meat. Now is the golden age with us! We live much longer.

We are much he althier now compared to what it was two centuries ago. A flu that has passed every spring, starting from the swamps of India and traveling all over the world. Influenza swept the nation and people died like flies.

Some infections have always existed and will exist. Here you are provoking me to draw attention to the following: microorganisms are leading the adaptation of all these viruses to the new environment. We really obey their view of things, that is, when they decide where to go, they start making variations on where to change. Not only humans, but all living organisms. And I strongly believe that there is a collective mind for microorganisms. They lead their own sensible way of life. Or they are so intuitive that they can adapt to the conditions. Very few people think of microorganisms as the driving process for disease in our lives. They even affect our thinking, I think of neurogenic infections.


Depression is easily cured

“Depression is so easily treated because there is always a reason for it. Either it's gastrointestinal infections, or it's sexual deficiencies, it's not complicated. You identify it, you give it the treatment, you remove the cause, and if all this happens, there is no depression at all. But if a person wants to be depressed and is one of the masochists, he will always look for a way to be masochistic. Yes, I call such people masochists, they look for reasons to whine. This is their way of life. As I look, many people have completely lost the meaning of life. 40-year-old men and women don't have children… added the doctor.


Salvation from joint diseases

“It's not complicated there. These are all infections. Dropped infections, sluggish infections. And here the causes are first sought, as I said dropped or sluggish infections. Not to mention the fungi. A man came in with a 20-year-old cough, which eventually turned out to be nail fungus. When we cured them, the cough went away, as did the joint pain. This person was literally eaten by fungal infections, they can cause many diseases. Therefore, they should not be neglected , explained the specialist.