Prophylaxis against viruses and flu

Prophylaxis against viruses and flu
Prophylaxis against viruses and flu

Virus season is in full swing and the flu is yet to hit in the winter. However, there are simple methods to protect against colds and flu, and if it has already "stepped" on you - you can also apply them to drive it away.

Here is the advice of the therapist Ivan Garabitov, who graduated from the he alth academy for naturopathy:

After waking up in the morning, clean the plaque on your tongue, as it represents the toxins accumulated and released from the body during the night. If you don't remove the plaque from the tongue, these bacteria end up back in the esophagus with the food you ingest.

Next is brushing the teeth.

On an empty stomach and before breakfast, you take juice with apple cider vinegar, garlic, honey and propolis, which the therapist has prepared according to a special millennial recipe. The juice is a powerful natural immunostimulator, which is used to cleanse the body of toxins and fatty plaques, improves the elasticity of blood vessels, protects against stroke, heart attack and osteoporosis, normalizes blood pressure and cholesterol, stabilizes the immune system and sleep, improves vision and metabolism, relieves headaches, stomach and joint pains, relieves stress and reduces weight.

Nasal washes with dissolved sea s alt. The mixture is prepared as follows: 1 tsp. grated sea s alt is dissolved in 1 coffee cup of water. After that, the solution is placed 5 times in each of the nostrils, successively. The purpose of washing is to destroy all bacteria and viruses that have entered the nasopharynx, which is usually their "favorite" place. It's no secret that viruses first attack the throat and nose.

Gargle with a sea s alt solution prepared in the same way.

If the virus has already "liked" you, then take a foot bath in hot water, in which sea s alt has also been dissolved, for at least 20 minutes. The important thing is to induce sweating so that the toxins from the virus can leave your body. Sweating can be accelerated if you take small sips of 1 cup of warm water to which 11 drops of propolis have been added.

Exercise regularly, eat a balanced diet and master one of the breathing techniques.

All this will keep your he alth in optimal good condition and your immunity strong. Ivan Garabitov gives individual advice to anyone who seeks him in Plovdiv and Sofia.

Margarita Blagoeva

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