"5,000 golden recipes for your he alth" on the market

"5,000 golden recipes for your he alth" on the market
"5,000 golden recipes for your he alth" on the market

For years, "Doctor" has published tried-and-tested reader recipes, thanks to which many people have found a cure for their ailments. During all this time, the newspaper's team kept in touch with thousands of its readers who needed advice on one recipe or another. This enormous interest in non-traditional medicine, the thousands of letters of thanks that flooded the editorial office, provoked the idea to create this unique encyclopedia in which to gather in one place the recipes tested by our people.

The purpose of this edition is to offer our readers the opportunity to find among five thousand recipes the one that is their hope, their window to the world of he alth. The one that will help them overcome the pain, regain their self-confidence and enjoy a long and happy life.

Doctor newspaper is the only one in Bulgaria that gives its readers the opportunity to communicate with each other, exchanging their own, non-traditional methods of treatment.

About 8,000 reader recipes appeared on its pages. In this edition, we offer you 5000 of them, which is a real miracle for alternative medicine. This encyclopedia will be a great help for those who want to live life to the fullest, be he althy and heal themselves in an efficient and harmless way.

What do we mean?

Traditional medicine is steadily moving forward. New types of medications, new equipment, and new treatment methods are being experimented on the market every day. And yet the he alth condition of our people is deteriorating day by day. Diseases such as tuberculosis and polio have returned from oblivion, and no effective treatment methods have yet been discovered for cancer. Instead came AIDS and SARS, new, unknown strains of influenza. For many people, disillusionment with official medicine also came. Realistically, some of the chronic diseases not only cannot be cured, but several types of medicines damage he althy organs. He persistently talked about the harm caused to the body by antibiotics, vitamins and vaccines.

This and a number of other reasons began to change people's thinking. Many returned to the old, long-forgotten methods of treatment with herbs and other proven folk remedies. Which are both harmless and cheap. The healing potential of Bulgarian herbs is known all over the world. There are many well-known cases when alternative medicine successfully copes with diseases that official medicine cannot.

Here, 5,000 tried-and-tested recipes published over the years in "Doctor" already come to your aid.

Let this unique encyclopedia be the desk book for anyone who wants to be alive and he althy for a long time.

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