What causes the tongue and lips to be numb?

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What causes the tongue and lips to be numb?
What causes the tongue and lips to be numb?

The tongue and lips can tingle for various reasons, and usually this is a signal that some pathology is developing in the body

Here's what the experts explain:

• Damage to the nervous system. Often a similar sign occurs in diseases of the central nervous system. For example, with the formation of benign or malignant tumors in the brain. It is possible for the tongue and lips to tingle in degenerative disorders of this organ. With diseases of the peripheral nerves, it is also possible to feel numbness of the lips and tongue, the cause of which may be neuralgia of the facial, trigeminal and other facial nerves.

• Diseases affecting the nervous system. Pathologies of the vessels leading to disruption of blood flow can lead to numbness of the tongue and lips. For example, stroke and transient ischemic attack. Such symptoms can also occur with anemia. And swelling and numbness of the lips is often associated with infections and allergic manifestations.

• Injuries and disabilities. The lips may tingle and "shudder", which indicates various injuries to the head or face. This often occurs after dental treatment or wisdom tooth extraction. Often this is also explained by local anesthesia. Sometimes during dental manipulations the palate also tingles.

• Cardiovascular diseases. Stroke is the most common cause of numbness of the tongue and lips. Among the symptoms of this serious condition, there is also paralysis of one part of the face, numbness of one side of the body, slurred speech or in general, the inability of the sufferer to pronounce anything intelligibly, as well as to answer questions adequately. Another symptom is impaired coordination.

• Migraine. In this condition, there are changes in the sense of smell, vision, hearing as well. The sufferer feels stabbing and tingling in the face. Migraines require a complex approach, taking the appropriate preparations, refusing certain products, including others in the menu that prevent stress.

• Bell's palsy. Numbness of the tongue and lips can occur because of the so-called idiopathic neuropathy of the facial nerve. Usually, this disease develops as a result of a cold, flu, herpes virus. In this case, no specific treatment is required, and the symptoms do not cause any damage to the facial nerves.

• Hypoglycemia. In diabetes mellitus, the lips and tongue may also tingle, and this is explained by disturbances in the intake of insulin. Low blood sugar can also be manifested by cold and clammy sweat, trembling hands, sudden hunger.

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