80% of people have nasal septum deformity

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80% of people have nasal septum deformity
80% of people have nasal septum deformity

My son is 19 years old. As a child, he was hit in the face with a ball, and since then his nasal septum is distorted and he often suffers from a runny nose. We consulted several specialists - some advise us to have an operation, while others think he can do without it. What will you advise me?

Tsvetanka Dimova, city of Plovdiv

If a small spike or edge of the nasal septum does not interfere with normal breathing, there is no need to rush the operation. Disorders in the shape of the nasal septum are observed in 80% of people who visit ENT doctors. But surgical intervention should be done if, due to the distortion of the nasal septum, a person cannot breathe normally through the nose.

The patient in this case begins to suffer from a constant runny nose, frequent sinusitis, and over time more serious disorders develop in the body.

The fact is that it is precisely on the nasal mucosa that the receptors are located that send signals to the brain: there is enough oxygen for full breathing. When a person breathes through their mouth, no such signal is received. Lack of oxygen in the brain leads to various disorders.

A person complains of drowsiness, lethargy, rapid fatigue, reduced attention, impaired memory and suffers from frequent headaches. Vascular disorders occur, which provoke the development of hypertension and can even reduce the sexual activity of men.