How are expensive medicines dispensed in the emergency situation?

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How are expensive medicines dispensed in the emergency situation?
How are expensive medicines dispensed in the emergency situation?

What will be the order of dispensing expensive medicines in 2021, given that at the moment, in view of the emergency situation, I cannot go to the hospital as planned for the mandatory preventive examination, diagnostic procedures and extension of the protocols ?

I had to go to hospital at the end of January. The necessary time for drawing up a new protocol is about 40-45 days with the movement of the documents between the hospital and the NHIF, and the issuance of the Decision by the NHIF. I have meds until the end of February 2021

Yanka Dobreva, Sofia

The approved conditions and procedure for dispensing medicinal products, medical devices and dietary foods for special medical purposes, paid in full or in part by the National He alth Insurance Fund, as well as official extension of the validity period of the protocols for expensive treatment of chronically ill patients, in in connection with the introduced emergency epidemic situation on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria, are published on the website of the National He alth Service.

The official extension of the period of validity of the "Protocol for prescription of medicinal products paid by the NHIF/RPHOK" applies to all protocols (except for those specified in Appendix No. 1 to the approved terms and conditions) expiring on time of validity of these terms and conditions, until their cancellation.

The eased regime introduced with the present terms and conditions for dispensing medicinal products paid for by the NHIF for home treatment (Appendix No. 1 of the PLS) is applied in cases where no change in the he alth insurance therapy established by the treating physician is necessary doctor.

The present terms and conditions continue to apply automatically, in the event of an extension of the period of the emergency epidemic situation according to the relevant order.

In case of change, the information will be published on the website of the NHIF. Patients will be provided with the opportunity to prepare documents for the issuance of new protocols in a timely manner and without difficulty.