Do I have to pay extra for cyst surgery?

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Do I have to pay extra for cyst surgery?
Do I have to pay extra for cyst surgery?

Hello, dear editor! I have to undergo surgery this month to remove a cyst on my coccyx. I have continuous he alth insurance. What part of the operation is covered by the He alth Insurance Fund? Is there a patient co-payment?

Vasil Krastev, city of Varna

The attending physician assesses which clinical path the intervention will take in case of the so-called pilonidal cyst.

Hospitalization could take place in a medical facility for hospital care, which has concluded a contract with the National He alth Insurance Fund (NHHI) under clinical path No. 181 "Surgical interventions of the anus and perianal space".

In the case of treatment on a clinical path, the NHIF pays hospital care providers for all medical activities, including: examinations, pre-operative preparation, surgery, treatment in the hospital with the appointment of up to two follow-up examinations within one month after discharge, mandatory registered in the epicrisis, in the same medical facility for hospital care.

Keep in mind that there are medical devices in KP 181 that the NHIF does not pay for. These are the so-called Auto staplers for hemorrhoidectomy.