I was recommended "Hill Clinic" as the best place and they did not lie to me

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I was recommended "Hill Clinic" as the best place and they did not lie to me
I was recommended "Hill Clinic" as the best place and they did not lie to me

“I am from a very nice area - the village of Oreshak, Troyansko. When I started having problems with my prostate, I went to different doctors. As many offices as I entered, I came out with as many prescriptions, but there was no improvement. An operation was necessary, but first I asked a lot of questions. Turns out there are other lasers out there, but quite a few people complained about the results. I didn't want to risk having surgery anywhere but Hill Clinic with the Green Laser. Even at the first examination, Dr. Bocevski made a great impression on me. I trusted his judgment

The surgery itself was like a joke until I found out, and the doctor gave a thumbs up, meaning "everything is fine", and he was done with my prostate forever. "Hill Clinic" is a completely different place from other hospitals - everything is done quickly, accurately, you don't wait in endless queues, they take care of you perfectly. The green laser is a unique work!", says Mr. Atanas Georgiev, 74 years old

Comment from the doctor, Dr. Alexander Botsevski, "Hill Clinic":

“As a man with an enlarged prostate, which seriously hindered the release of the bladder, Mr. Georgiev came to me for an examination. His condition required removal of the hyperplastic tissue. At "Hill Clinic" we have an effective method for the treatment of prostate adenoma - the GreenLight laser, so popular in the world and in Bulgaria. In the case of Mr. Georgiev, as in the case of many other men, the Green Laser was without an alternative due to the size of the gland.

BPH, or as it is known among men, "enlarged prostate" is an inevitable consequence of the hormonal changes in the male body with advancing age. Its clinical symptomatology is related to frequent urination, repeated night wakings, involuntary discharge, feeling of incomplete urination, pain, tension. Untreated, this condition can cause unpleasant side effects: chronic inflammation, residual urine and bladder stones, even kidney dysfunction.


When surgical treatment of very large prostates is required, there are only two options - open surgery or Green Laser. Open surgical intervention is a serious test for the patient, it requires full anesthesia, lasts a long time and unfortunately has a short-term result. Repeated surgery is often required after several years. In addition, it carries its great risks: blood loss, impotence, incontinence (leakage of urine), and the postoperative recovery period is long and painful.

That is why many men choose the Green Laser - a bloodless and painless manipulation with an excellent result. As a urologist, I am happy to be able to treat my patients with the most modern and effective methods. The green laser has undeniable merits, and the American and European Urological Associations categorically define it as the most suitable for adenoma removal. Today, during the control examination, Mr. Georgiev reports that he feels very well, urinates calmly, there is a strong stream.

This is shared by more than 2,300 patients of the clinic operated with a Green laser. The procedure is quick and safe. It lasts about 1 hour and the next day the patient goes home without restrictions in everyday life. The green laser is the only option for patients with diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular and other chronic diseases. It saves blood transfusions, hospital stays, dressings, catheter changes, bed rest, infections and other unpleasant experiences. Our patients are particularly satisfied with the fact that the Green Laser guarantees the preservation of sexual function, which is of great importance to men."

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the price of a preventive urological examination and diagnosis of the prostate

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Vasectomy - the safest and most permanent contraception

When a man decides that he has reached a stage in his life where he no longer wants to have children, one of the most used medical options in Europe is a vasectomy. Sperm, which are produced by the testicles during ejaculation, are poured into the semen. Once inside the female vagina, they carry out fertilization. In a vasectomy, the path of sperm outside the testicles is interrupted. The lack of sperm in the semen does not affect the sensation during intercourse in any way. The man continues to enjoy sex, but there is no longer any danger of his partner getting pregnant.

What is a vasectomy?

The procedure is classified as fine urological surgery, but it is a routine operation, without side risks. It is usually performed under local anesthesia. Urologists accept it as a mild operation with a predictable result. The entire process of preparing and performing the vasectomy takes about half an hour. The patient returns to his daily duties the same day. Its condition and working capacity are preserved. When ejaculating, the sperm looks the same as usual and is the same amount. The only difference is that the seminal fluid expelled by a man after a vasectomy does not contain sperm. The procedure does not in any way affect libido or sexual possibilities, on the contrary - many couples report more spontaneous and exciting sex after vasectomy.