Before a stroke, your body gives you 7 alarm signals

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Before a stroke, your body gives you 7 alarm signals
Before a stroke, your body gives you 7 alarm signals

We all have a vague idea of what a stroke means. It's a condition where an area of our brain doesn't get enough oxygen and starts to die

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Our body is designed in such a way that with almost any disease it signals us about it. But we often miss these signals and don't pay them enough attention.

In this article, we will tell you about 7 signs that indicate the impending onset of a stroke. If you notice one or more of several symptoms, consult a doctor immediately!

Peripheral vision

This is when you can't see anything to the side, but there is a picture in front of you. In general, this develops gradually, but if you notice that your field of vision narrows after a few minutes - this is a cause for concern!

Hallucinations (sight, hearing, smell)

If you are not taking drugs that affect your nervous system, then you should not be hallucinating. This may be due to the fact that brain cells die and at the time of death emit impulses that would not otherwise exist.

Severe headache

Headache haunts everyone and of course the reasons for this are different. But if you feel sharp, severe and unusual pains, they are different from the ones you usually have, then definitely seek medical attention!

Lack of body control

In a stroke, the areas of the brain responsible for controlling the body are often disrupted. To determine whether it is or not, you need to go to the mirror, raise both hands at the same time, if one rises - normal, and the other - not, get help!


Speech disorder begins to occur. You replace words with each other, change the places of words, it is difficult to express your thoughts, but you do not notice it yourself. Be vigilant.

Blood pressure change

Before you did not notice a sudden change in pressure, but now it is on your face. In this case, it is worth checking your he alth.

Loss of sensation, coordination

For example, a completely sober person will act like a drunk without explanation. This is an occasion to be consulted by a doctor.

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