March 2020 Magnetic Storms: See Eruption Dates

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March 2020 Magnetic Storms: See Eruption Dates
March 2020 Magnetic Storms: See Eruption Dates

Unfortunately, the first month of spring will not be calm: from the very beginning of the month we should expect disturbances in the Earth's magnetic field, reports WWW. PLANETANOVOSTI. COM.

The first storm will happen on March 4-5. It will be the strongest it has been in months. He alth problems are not only possible for people who are sensitive to time. We can all feel down, headache, irritability, apathy.

The next hit will be on March 13th. The event will not stand out with special power, it will be average. Special care is needed in people with cardiovascular diseases.

Also a moderate storm will move through on the 16th. It can affect people's mental state. Restraint is recommended to avoid conflict.

A medium magnetic storm is expected on March 19, which will provoke relapses of various diseases, including the musculoskeletal system.

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A new strike will occur on March 21-22, which will only affect weather dependent people. An increase in blood pressure is possible, leading to hypertension.

And the last storm will take place on March 28. It will also be average. Carry a first aid kit with necessary medicines in your car.