Victoria Beckham's nutritionist - Natasha Koret: Youth is in alkaline products

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Victoria Beckham's nutritionist - Natasha Koret: Youth is in alkaline products
Victoria Beckham's nutritionist - Natasha Koret: Youth is in alkaline products

Many people, especially women, ask themselves how to keep their youth? What should they do to look young for as long as possible? How to remove wrinkles?

Maybe some of you think that this doesn't affect them right now or it will come up as a problem years from now, that it's not worth worrying about now…

You won't even notice how time will fly by, and you won't be the same as you were a year ago.

What should we actually do to stay young, he althy and beautiful longer? The following factors play a leading role in this:

• balanced diet with ecologically clean products, without excess calories

• sufficient duration and depth of sleep

• regular sex life

• daily exercise

• compliance with body hygiene, continuous skin care

• proper rest after the busy workday

• rejection of harmful habits, ability to diversify your family vacation (including change of environment)

One of the most famous nutritionists in London, Natasha Koret, believes that the main factor in the matter of preserving youth - both external and internal, is the way of eating. And to be more precise - the acid-alkaline balance.

Don't believe it? Take a look at Dr. Corette's most important client - Victoria Beckham. She is already 42 years old.

What does Dr. Koret suggest?

“When I am asked about the main benefits of my "diet", I say: the production of own collagen in the skin increases, inflammatory processes in it decrease or disappear. It retains moisture better, its protective function improves, wrinkles become less noticeable and new ones will not appear for a very long time. This means that you will not only lose weight, but also look younger.”

Principle rules in Dr. Koret's system:

The basis of Dr. Koret's nutrition system is the principle of dividing products into alkaline and acidic. To avoid getting into too much medical detail, we'll just summarize: Alkaline is good, Acidic is bad.

This has been studied, proven and tested in many clinical studies, which are united by one general conclusion: the optimal pH balance of the human digestive tract is 7.4, i.e. alkaline. Values of 5.5 are considered neutral, and everything else with a smaller value is an acidic environment.

Symptoms of acidification:

When the body is "acidified" you experience anxiety, insomnia, your skin looks gray and dehydrated, covered with wrinkles, you often suffer from acne and pimples. In more severe cases, psoriasis and eczema, scaling and unexplained allergic reactions (which are actually inflammatory processes) occur. Of course, you should consult a dermatologist, gastroenterologist and endocrinologist to rule out other possible causes of poor he alth and excess weight, but if all test results are normal, you control your diet, but the problem is not resolved - listen to my tips and adjust the acid-base balance in your menu,” advises Dr. Koret.

What to do if you are sure that you suffer from hyperacidity, but you do not want to go to the doctor?

You will have to change your diet. Maybe radical. The fact is that there are two types of products - alkaline and acidic. The former help the pH to recover, and the latter worsen the situation.

For everything to be fine, maintain the following balance: for 1 kilogram of "acidic" foods, you must eat at least 2 kg of "alkaline" ones.

Monitor during the day that the ratio is exactly like this. Or like it.

“I'm not suggesting you completely give up acidic foods, I'm in favor of a balanced diet. My system suggests dividing foods into acidic and alkaline in a ratio of 30 to 70. This is necessary to maintain balance in each meal - then your weight will naturally return to normal and your skin will look amazing. Dr. Corette is convinced.

Where to start?

“First and foremost, you should divide the products according to these two categories. This is not as easy as it sounds: for example, lemon, which most people perceive as an acidic product, is actually alkaline. To make things easier, I've put together a simple list that you can print out or upload to your phone to refer to and make sure you're eating right.”

Alkaline foods

Baking soda, red algae, lemon, lentils, lime, mineral water, peaches, onion, persimmon, pineapple, pumpkin seeds, sea s alt, kelp, sweet potatoes, tangerines, most vegetable juices, watermelon, kiwi. ginger, grapefruit, cabbage, cauliflower, cod liver, eggplant, mushrooms, grapes, coffee

Sour foods

Beef, beer, bread, sugar, cocoa, wheat flour, potatoes, ice cream, seafood, pasta, s alt, wine, yogurt, barley, rice, chicken, corn, cottage cheese, egg white, beans, peanuts, pistachios, pork, prunes, popcorn, rye, beef, pomegranate, cheese, vodka, vinegar, black tea, buckwheat, sheep's milk, plums, tomatoes, turkey, butter, coconut, figs, red and white fish, pine nuts, spinach, zucchini, soy, gelatin, sunflower oil

What to do if your favorite foods are also on the "bad" list?

“Try to dilute them with products from the first list. Fancy some pork? Eat them not with pasta, but with a vegetable salad! Do you like cheese? Add it to fruit and vegetable salads! Do you drink beer? Then put not roasted peanuts for an appetizer, but cashews! Did you eat a lot? Keep an open bottle of mineral water on the table!

You have eaten beef, which is a very acidic product, compensate with a side dish of lentils and onions, and after eating, drink a glass of alkaline mineral water. And at the next meal, choose more alkaline foods. You shouldn't and don't have to completely give up "sour" products!"

You can stick to this regimen for a lifetime without harming your he alth. You will get all the necessary minerals and vitamins, and you will notice the first changes in your appearance in just a few weeks.