The amazing Japanese diet that will get you in shape just in time for the holidays

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The amazing Japanese diet that will get you in shape just in time for the holidays
The amazing Japanese diet that will get you in shape just in time for the holidays

Every day, millions of people around the world ask themselves the question of how to lose extra pounds in order to get the perfect figure. Many of them rely on exercise and even plastic surgery. However, the majority choose diets

In this line of thought, it's no surprise that all sorts of diets exist. Some of them are quite popular, while others are more exotic. Recently, however, there has been more and more talk about the Japanese diet.

In fact, it is nothing complicated and exotic, and many people around the world already appreciate its effectiveness.

The Japanese diet includes quite serious restrictions. First of all, food is taken three times a day without additional snacks, and the amount of carbohydrates is reduced to a maximum.

The basis of the Japanese diet is proteins. Eggs, chicken, turkey and rabbit meat, lean beef, fish and seafood are allowed. The use of low-fat dairy products is also required: cottage cheese, yogurt, low-fat yogurt. Dairy products should have a fat content of 2-5%.

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At one meal you should take about 150-200 grams of protein food. Meat and fish are best stewed or roasted, but all cooking methods are permitted except frying in butter.

The second component of the diet - vegetable products, should be rich in fiber. A portion of vegetables or fruits must be added to part of the protein foods. Vegetables are recommended to be seasonal. Best eaten raw or grilled.

The third important detail is the drinking regime. Since the diet is rich in protein and fiber, the body will need a lot of water. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the drinking regime. As for drinks, there are no special restrictions - you can drink tea, coffee and even order a glass of dry red wine at dinner. Of course, there should be no sugar in the drinks.

Completely give up during the diet all products such as sweets, processed grains, potatoes and bananas. All other high carbohydrate foods are also prohibited.

The Japanese diet should be followed for two weeks and repeated no more than twice a year. After two weeks, you can lose 4-8 kilograms, as well as improve your he alth and improve your metabolism.

Since the diet involves severe restrictions and foods with a high protein content, you should consult your doctor before starting - in some diseases, the Japanese diet is contraindicated.

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