5 ways to fit in a dream

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5 ways to fit in a dream
5 ways to fit in a dream

Kefir Sugar Cocktail

Yes, you heard it right, the main ingredients of this wonderful drink are a glass of sugar and half a liter of kefir. By drinking such a cocktail at night, you saturate your body with complex carbohydrates, for the absorption of which your body is forced to spend more calories than it receives from them. Indescribable, but it is a fact that in the morning you will find a weight loss of up to 2 kg.

Rice Day

It's no secret that excess fluid in the body leads to edema and weight gain. One of the most common reasons for this is excessive s alt intake. Unpolished rice - black or brown, will help to remove excess water and at the same time rid the body of toxins. Try to eat only such rice during the day, and the next morning the scale will please you with a weight 1-2 kg less than before. But remember that the dish must be s alt-free, otherwise the whole process will lose its meaning and there will be no effect from such a mono-diet.

Beet Salad

Doesn't sound too tasty, but it works! Beetroot is rich in fiber and when it interacts with water it swells in the intestines. Firstly, this will provide you with a long feeling of satiety, secondly - the beetroot, rich in fiber, will "attract" all the excess waste and naturally remove it, and thirdly - the body must spend more calories for the digestion of beetroot than is contained in itself a vegetable. As you can see, there are some advantages of eating beets, so don't waste time and prepare a magical salad instead. It should be eaten before going to bed with a glass of warm water. In the morning you will be pleasantly surprised because your weight will decrease by 1 kg.

S alt bath

By skipping dinner, you will reduce your daily calorie intake, which will inevitably lead to weight loss. A warm bath with s alt or soda before sleep will help strengthen the result. Just 10-20 minutes in such a bath and after an hour under the covers, a greenhouse effect will be created. Such a simple way will allow you to lose 2 kg in one procedure, and maybe more - depending on your initial weight.

Night compresses

Of course, we can't forget the compresses that allow you to lose up to 3 kg while you sleep. Honey, vinegar or some oil - choose according to your taste. The algorithm of actions is the same. You take one of the above ingredients, rub it into the skin of the problem areas with massaging movements, then carefully wrap yourself in foil and tuck yourself under the covers. Thanks to the wraps, blood circulation improves, sweat and sebaceous glands begin to work intensively, which leads to the elimination of accumulated toxins. And of course you lose weight! In the morning, all that remains is to wash off the remnants of the applied product from the skin and enjoy the result.

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