Nelli Rangelova: Cancer is an epidemic - I'm sure a cure has been found, but they're hiding it

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Nelli Rangelova: Cancer is an epidemic - I'm sure a cure has been found, but they're hiding it
Nelli Rangelova: Cancer is an epidemic - I'm sure a cure has been found, but they're hiding it

Nelli Rangelova is one of the favorite pop singers in our country, with an unforgettable soft, velvety voice. She began her creative career in 1978 with the "Burgas" orchestra as a background vocalist. In 1983, she graduated from the Variety Department of the Bulgarian State Conservatory in the class of Tsvetana Vazvozova. He has over 500 recorded songs and won many awards, including the Grand Prize at the "Golden Orpheus" Festival in the International Competition for Performers in 1982. The same year he also won the Grand Prize at the "Niewola" Festival in Independence, Kansas, USA. In 1983, he won the "Silver Lira" at the International Popular Song Festival "Bratislava Lira" in Slovakia. In 1984, he won Second Prize at the International Song Festival "Sopot" in Poland. Many of her popular songs and duets have been released in collective albums, and as a guest musician she sings with FSB, Rositsa Kirilova, Biser Kirov, Orlin Goranov. He works with the best composers, songwriters and arrangers. This is what the singer shared about her he alth and life especially for My Clinic.

Mrs. Rangelova, how are you doing in the flu season?

- Before the New Year I got a little sick, but as usual, we singers always beat the virus because there was a lot of work then. Because I didn't take it seriously, after New Years I was on antibiotics for 10 days because I got bronchitis. My weak point, like all singers, is the throat, the nose, from here everything goes down into the trachea. So I remember I got sick 2 years ago when I had to cancel my concert due to this fact.

As for the flu, I take various products that stimulate the immune system, with propolis and vitamin C. In general, when there are epidemics, I try to limit my presence in public places. But in the end, I think it's not that scary, it's normal for a person to get the flu once every 1-2 years. Although for us singers, such viral infections have more serious consequences. For all the years of my singing career, I have had cases of going out with a fever on stage, but then you always pay for yourself.

How do you deal with your weak spot - tonsils and throat?

- I had big problems with my tonsils when I was little and also when I was older. This has always been my weak spot. It happened that I had 2 purulent sore throats a month, but there is no way to remove the tonsils, because after a certain age this changes the music box that is in the mouth and can have a serious effect on the voice. I suffered a lot from tonsils, from the smallest thing I got purulent angina - this is an occupational hazard.

By the way, I trust only Dr. Valya Georgieva, an ENT specialist in the 14th DCC, for many years. I really like to trust the doctors who treat me, and that's why I don't change them. I have also taken the child to Dr. Georgieva, and I have sent many colleagues. I'm

with great respect to doctors

that I touch, and I need them. I have an upset stomach, colitis and for years I have only been going to Prof. Grigorov. When I need to check my heart, I go to Dr. Acev at St. Ekaterina and with Dr. Radoslavova, who now works in Varna. I think that 2 times a year I should have tests for the condition of my heart and chest, visit a gynecologist - these are preventive examinations. I trust medicine. I have blood tests several times a year. For the last 1-2 years I've had a slight increase in cholesterol, although I'm not full, so I've been watching my heart for that. Otherwise I don't have any serious complaints luckily. I seem to pay more attention to beauty than he alth.

How do you take care of your appearance - do you follow diets?

- I am at times, dieting when necessary and getting in shape. There are times when I relax, like now on holidays. Zhoro Hristov and I used to have competitions on who would make a better pie. He cooks better than me, definitely, but his pie has 10 eggs, a bucket of cream, a kilo of cheese - you know what a calorie bomb it is! So now I have to shed another pound.

In such moments, I generally start eating more often, but little by little, I actively do sports. The food is chicken, turkey meat, grilled, lots of salads, I have already stopped the pies (b.a. laughs). At one time I tried the cabbage soup diet, the first and second summers I had a great effect from it. We used to do it together with my husband back then, but I don't know why men lose weight more than women. It's unfair as hell, but it's a fact. Then the third, fourth year there was no effect of this diet, which means that the body gets used to it. But I have not done other modern diets. When I have to lose weight, I just change my diet, go to the gym 3 times a week, massage 2 times a week and things work out.

In the gym

i don't work out to build muscle

but I try to do more exercises for conditioning and movement. I am mindful and avoid exercises that put strain on my back and knees. I'm not very sporty, but I try to exercise regularly. I'm not obsessed with my pursuit of a he althy life, but I do take care of my he alth.

What is your opinion about Bulgarian doctors?

- I think Bulgarian doctors are one of the best, another question is how much they are valued and paid. It is not possible for some people who care about your he alth to work in 3-4 places so that they can earn. It is a fact that young doctors prefer to go abroad, this is also indicative. I see that young people are heading abroad en masse, it is not right to restrict them, they have the right to a better life. But I want young people to stay here too. My son is now a high school senior, he has applied to 3-4 US universities, we'll see what happens. It was a shock to me at first, but now I accept his decision.

How are your parents - do you have to visit doctors and hospitals often because of them?

- Dad died 9 years ago, he had a pacemaker, kidney failure and heart problems. And he was treated by Dr. Radoslavova. Mother is diabetic and for this reason I often have blood tests because I think there is a genetic factor. Thank God, so far there are no general problems with mom due to diabetes, but she is already on insulin. Monitor yourself, go to the doctor regularly.

What do you think is the cause of the mass spread of a number of serious diseases among Bulgarians?

- Cancer is truly an epidemic, God forbid. An awful lot of people have died from cancer. There is a theory that it is related to the Chernobyl accident, but I believe that cancer is a disease that is triggered by stress and tension. I am definitely of the opinion that the majority of Bulgarians do not live well - there is a lot of tension, stress, problems, nerves and this is the reason why such diseases are unleashed. Another thing, as someone who reads a lot of science fiction, I believe that a cure for cancer has long been discovered. I don't know why it is not made available to people, maybe because of the drug companies and their interests. Sometimes I think that various disease pandemics are like a provocation and are man-made. The flu is the same, every year they release a different cocktail of strains so that the drug companies can profit from selling drugs.

What new projects are you working on?

- Right now I started collecting new songs, maybe an album will be released in the fall. Despite the general opinion that albums are not bought, I want to release one, although it involves a lot of funds that are not covered afterwards. Sponsors are hard to come by. The last time, 2 years ago, I released an acoustic album from the concert in the "Bulgaria" hall, and I was an innovator in this regard. Again, due to the lack of funds, we rarely do concerts with our colleagues, although the audience likes us.