Birth like at home

Birth like at home
Birth like at home

After eight years of successful development and thousands of happy parents, "Dr. Shterev" Medical Complex officially opened its renovated maternity ward. The maternity package of the most established family he alth center in Bulgaria is the bearer of one idea - to provide maximum care and comfort to pregnant women during the most precious moment for a couple and family - the birth of a new life.

Don't let what your mother thinks happen to you

You don't need to be a specialist psychologist to know that fear is greater when we face something unknown. Most people have experienced this cognitive phenomenon. The more familiar we are with something, the more prepared we are to handle the situation. Knowing the situation and the specific steps a pregnant woman will go through is one of the best ways to reduce her feelings of anxiety. The human brain is designed in such a way that, faced with the unknown, the individual "predicts" all possible scenarios for the development of the situation. Mothers also act in this way when they are worried about what happens to their children when they are not together. The explanation is very simple. It is an evolutionary process that has developed over millennia to help people anticipate the dangers that lie ahead. Therefore, psychologists advise pregnant women to visit the AH center chosen for their birth in advance and familiarize themselves with the steps on the way to a new life.

Dr. Shterev Medical Complex is one of the most established family he alth centers where you can give birth. If you want to see the wonderful conditions for childbirth and postpartum stay in the Complex, you can visit the "Open Day" initiative in the maternity ward, which is organized every second and last Thursday of the month from 4:00 p.m.

In addition, you can visit the courses of the School for future parents, which are held every month on three consecutive Saturdays. More information about the initiatives can be found on the website For the Open Days and the School for future parents, advance registration is required by phone: 02/920 09 01.

See how innovation combines with comfort and good practice

When the long-awaited moment has arrived, the pregnant woman is placed in a modernly equipped antenatal room, where she is cared for by doctors and midwives. With specialized equipment, the medical teams track the baby's tones and the mother's contractions. The birth itself is facilitated by the comfortable delivery rooms equipped with special anatomical beds. The entire birth takes place with the participation of a qualified team of obstetrician-gynecologists, anesthesiologist, midwives, and the care of the newborn is guaranteed by specialist neonatologists.

If operative delivery is required - caesarean section, women in labor are placed in specialized operating rooms with modern equipment of world standards. In the "Dr. Shterev" Medical Complex, patients are cared for by highly qualified specialists. Investments are not limited to home comfort and specialized equipment, but also to staff development. Every year, different specialists are sent for specialization in some of the best medical centers in the world.

After the expansion and renovation of the maternity ward, new delivery rooms, a newly expanded resuscitation for postpartum monitoring, an additional ten rooms for postpartum recovery, new rooms for neonatological care and completely renewed atmosphere. Each room has its own toilet and bathroom and is equipped with cable TV, air conditioning, refrigerator, telephone and wireless Internet access. But…

The secret of a good attitude is the detail

Along with comfortable conditions of stay and specialized medical care, attention to detail is emphasized in the treatment of patients. The "Dr. Shterev" Medical Complex has provided everything necessary for the hospital stay and postpartum recovery. Even if you go to the Complex with only your ID card, the necessary additional accessories and cosmetics are provided for the mother and the baby. If the patients wish, both partners can stay in the specialized VIP rooms. Usually the "holiday" in the maternity ward lasts between 3-5 days. Mothers are examined daily by an obstetrician-gynecologist, and babies by a neonatologist. Every mother needs a good mentor to make sure she is doing the best for her child. That is why the specialists in the maternity ward individually help each woman in labor to get used to the first care of the little ones. For women who are not in private rooms, a breastfeeding room with a specially equipped nursing chair is provided."We try to have the mother not only observe, but also participate in the care of the baby. This is how she feels comfortable, and we are her mentors and friends. This "training" includes the entire outfit of the baby and the first care for him", explained the Medical Complex "Dr. Shterev.

In the complex, women's care enhances ordinary domestic comfort. Physiotherapy care is provided for all mothers in labor - a special rehabilitation program for recovery in the first days after childbirth. The discharge of the newborn turns into a family celebration in the special hall of the "Dr. Shterev" Medical Complex. There, relatives and friends of the family can take remarkable photos of the little man and offer their congratulations. The discharge hall is divided into two - a cocktail area and a cozy corner that resembles home charm. All that remains for loved ones is to provide more space on their cameras to capture precious memories forever.

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