Congress on reproductive medicine will be held in March

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Congress on reproductive medicine will be held in March
Congress on reproductive medicine will be held in March

The Bulgarian Association for Sterility and Reproductive He alth (BASRZ), chaired by Dr. Tanya Timeva, medical director of the "Dr. Shterev" Medical Complex, organized its traditional congress in March

The congress will be held from March 12 to 15, at the Samokov Hotel, Borovets resort complex. The scientific program includes interesting and exciting topics from several different fields, including reproductive medicine, embryology and the application of assisted reproductive technologies, endoscopic gynecological surgery, oncogynecology, fetal medicine and imaging, neonatology, etc.

This year's scientific event of BASRZ is the sixteenth consecutive congress of the organization of specialists in reproductive medicine in Bulgaria. It is a scientific forum with a tradition of fruitful exchange of scientific ideas and practical experience, of in-depth presentation of clinical achievements and research results, of discussion on medical, social and purely human aspects of the application of modern assisted reproductive technologies and the latest trends in the field of obstetrics, gynecology and fetal medicine.

The topics included in the XVI Congress on Sterility and Reproductive He alth go beyond the scope of purely reproductive topics. The aim is to obtain an interesting and useful from a practical and scientific point of view a forum for all specialists who work in the field of gynecological he alth-reproductive he alth-conception planning-infertility treatment-assisted reproduction-pregnancy monitoring-fetal medicine-neonatological care etc

The congress of BASRZ is interdisciplinary and every year brings together obstetrician-gynecologists, reproductive specialists, biologists, embryologists, andrologists, specialists in the field of gynecological endoscopy, imaging diagnostics, fetal medicine and neonatology, oncology and endocrinology.

For this year's Congress on Sterility and Reproductive He alth, a wide range of specialists from all over the country have been invited. In addition to the purely scientific goals pursued by the congress, it is also an event that gives specialists from different fields the opportunity to establish contact, exchange experience and plan collaboration for better treatment of the patients who have trusted them.

In this year's program, leading Bulgarian specialists will take part with topics related to the peculiarities of newborns after an assisted reproduction procedure, intrauterine fetal surgery with insertion of a balloon-catheter for diaphragmatic hernia, the peculiarities of anesthesia during laparoscopic surgery, behavior during repeated implantation failures, implantation window in assisted reproduction procedure, etc.

The Congress will also be attended by foreign speakers from established medical teams from the USA, Great Britain, Belgium, Portugal, Sweden, Israel, Switzerland, etc.

Prof. Carlos Calhaz-Jorge (Portugal) and Prof. Christian Becker (Great Britain) will discuss the topic of endometriosis treatment. Related to this topic, Prof. John Missanelli (USA) will present the possibilities of robotic surgical procedures in patients with endometriosis. One of the always relevant topics that will be discussed at the congress are luteal insufficiency, presented by Prof. Kolibianakis (Greece) and GnRH-triggering, presented by Prof. Ariel Horowitz (Israel)

Specialists from international teams will share their cutting-edge achievements in the practice and research field of reproductive medicine.

Participation with plenary reports and short messages in the XVI Congress on Sterility and Reproductive He alth can be taken by specialists and teams from all over the country.

The deadline for early registration to participate as a delegate in the congress is until February 9, 2015, and the deadline for submitting scientific abstracts is until February 10, 2015. Detailed information and the possibility of online registration can be found on the BASRZ website at

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