Astrology predicts deterioration of he alth

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Astrology predicts deterioration of he alth
Astrology predicts deterioration of he alth

At first glance, astrology and medicine appear to be incompatible fields with nothing in common. But it is a fact that many great doctors and healers of ancient times were famous astrologers. Therefore, we are increasingly convinced that we should not ignore the facts that do not fit into our ideas. What do the stars "say" to the doctor? We offer an interesting and curious interview with a professional astrologer and neurologist - Dr. Mikhail Erazimovich Aquilin

Dr. Aquilin, most doctors do not believe in astrology. You are also a doctor but you are not one of them - why?

- Yes, I am a neurologist and I not only believe in astrology but also practice it professionally. I have great reasons for this. Here's an example. A grandmother is lying in the intensive care unit after a serious stroke. He dies on the morning of his birthday. And neurologists note: here is another grandmother who died on her birthday. They know that patients with serious illnesses often end their earthly journey on a date close to the day they were born. But they do not understand, they do not realize that it is an astrological phenomenon. From an astrological point of view, the birthday is a return of the Sun to the position it occupied at the time of the birth of the given person. And that is why the next few days, up to a month before the birthday, are the most critical from the point of view of he alth. Chronic diseases worsen and immunity weakens. This happens every year. This is the norm and astrologers have known it for a long time. Unfortunately, the gross materialism of doctors basically excludes any dialogue on this topic.

Why do we need the horoscope?

- This is the astrological characteristic of the person. There are people to whom life allows and gives more. For example, I have a client in whose horoscope the element of fire is clearly expressed - a typical leader, leader. This person is very active, but there is an atmosphere of calm around him that seems to be woven into his horoscope. It is harmonious, has some permanent power, is a source of fiery energy. But in relation to each person there are the so-called "incompatible" people who turn out to be perhaps not smarter, but stronger than him.

And what happens to the weaker people?

- If a person's horoscope has any "defects", then such situations will happen a lot in his life. Such a person as if

attracts incompatible people,

potentially dangerous for him. And until this is established, the circle of such people is not discovered; until he learns to recognize them on his own or with someone's help, problems and failures will continue. Therefore, he should either learn to reconcile two horoscopes himself, or periodically turn to an astrologer to check himself for compatibility with people important to him: future spouses, for example, superiors, problematic colleagues, etc.n.

And how did you, a qualified doctor, decide to also become an astrologer?

- In 1993, I was studying at a medical school, but a war started in the Caucasus and we were taught in the shortened course. At the end of December I ended up as a paramedic in a unit. Terrible drug addiction reigned there, soldiers sneaked into the medical center for drugs and alcohol. I could barely fight them off. Very soon I noticed that the incidents related to drug addiction and alcoholism occur under the full moon. But another factor also played a role, because such inappropriate actions did not only occur during the full moon. The conclusion I drew then is that perhaps cosmic factors are also influencing. So while still in the army I started studying astrology. And already as an experienced astrologer, I entered the Medical Institute. And from day one as a student I saw astrological influences in the structure of the human body and how it functions. I did not find any contradictions, on the contrary, I became convinced that our human nature is permeated by astrology. The human body seems to reflect the sky within itself.

However, it turns out that he obeys not only the sky - right?

- Yes, cosmic influence is only one of the four main influences.

The other factor is biological

- Even in twins born 15 minutes apart, the genes differ to some degree. And that would suggest a different reaction, if you will, to the flu and, accordingly, to some of your own complications in life. The third factor is social. It is clear that if a person was born in Switzerland, his horoscope will act quite differently than if he was born in a poorer country, the dangers are different. A lot also depends on the family in which a person was born. And the last factor is psychological. Training has a particularly strong influence. For example, if a person studies astrology, he will have an idea of when certain critical moments occur in his life. Or he will learn to pay attention to his he alth.

Are all these four factors at work simultaneously?

- Yes. The only difference as an influence is the cosmic factor - in that it cannot be influenced. It is very difficult to influence the social factor, the easiest – the biological factor.

Dr. Aquilin, how can astrology help in terms of he alth?

- There are four periods in the year when, in a short time, a person's condition and self-esteem decrease, deteriorate. One of these periods is the last month before the birthday, as I mentioned above. This one month is quite complicated, so you are required to be very careful,

to avoid congestion

in every way. Personally, I advise you to be careful on your birthday as well. It is astrologically wrong to celebrate.

The three other inauspicious periods are calculated like this: the birthday plus 91 days, one more time plus 91 days, and one more time plus 91 days. It is during these periods that you must be very careful, avoid stress - one week before and one week after this critical date. In addition, there are two harmonious, positive days during the year. They occur on dates 122 and 244 days apart from the date of birth. You might plan some extra work load for example.

Just two positive days?

- No, of course. I have simply described to you the method of calculating the favorable and unfavorable position of the sun without a computer. But, apart from the sun, the birth horoscope is influenced by other planets. For example, there are cycles of failures and problems lasting 7 years and 3 months. This means that every 7 years there is a rather long period of several months when a person's stamina and immunity are lowered. He is more prone to stress and other diseases.

How can such a calculation be useful to us?

- Searching and finding matches in the different cycles is a way to predict diseases with the help of astrology. If, for example, the last 3 1/2 years the cycle of the progressed Moon coincides with the peak of the seven-year cycle of Saturn, it is good to examine yourself. And reduce or stop alcohol for a while. Do not take risks, avoid going to the mountains on vacation.

Once every 7 years everyone's immunity decreases

Traumatism can be prevented if we know the periods when an increased risk of it is possible. We simply avoid dangerous situations. "I have had a case where I indicated to a woman a period of 10 days that were particularly dangerous for her. These days happened in the winter and without any astrology it was clear that there was frost. I advised her to be careful, not to rush during this time because there are signs that she might get traumatized. The woman forgot my warning and broke her ankle. He underwent two operations. She was endlessly amazed by these "predictions", but I explained to her that I did not predict anything, but pointed out to her a dangerous period for her when she should be more careful.

I give some predictions and recommendations. I am not predicting anything, my goal is to prevent a likely event. Therefore, my recommendations are better implemented.

And more: immunity is also related to he alth. Once every seven years, in principle, all people's immunity decreases. There are also exceptions, because people with a very good and harmonious horoscope have stable immunity. But it is better not to bring ourselves to such a situation, when even a he althy organism cannot stand it. We usually do not know what factors act on a person during unfavorable periods, although we fix them on the basis of blood analyzes and general deterioration of the condition. It is possible to include some reaction of the body that could develop into a disease. But this will not happen to people leading a normal, he althy lifestyle," added the expert.

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