If you want to avoid cancer, don't eat these foods (PART ONE)

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If you want to avoid cancer, don't eat these foods (PART ONE)
If you want to avoid cancer, don't eat these foods (PART ONE)

Ultra-processed foods high in sugar, sodium, saturated fat and chemicals have long been known to cause obesity, diabetes and heart disease

According to a study conducted by French and Brazilian scientists, the consumption of ultra-processed foods increases the risk of carcinoma by 12% and breast cancer by 11%. What is ultra-processed food?

These are products for mass consumption: Bread and bakery products, carbonated drinks, s alty and sweet snacks, instant soups, pastas, etc.

In the first part of the article today, we will introduce you to 5 of the 10 products that significantly increase the risk of cancer. And to avoid the appearance of this disease, it is better to exclude them from your diet.


Here are some statistics to get you thinking: just one alcoholic drink a day increases the risk of developing breast cancer by 5%, pharynx by 17% and esophagus by 30%.

According to research, the percentage increases as portions increase. For example, in a person who drinks four glasses of alcohol a day, the risk of various types of throat cancer increases fivefold. Scientists also note that approximately 5% of new cancers and 6% of deaths from this disease worldwide can be directly linked to drinking alcoholic beverages.

Red meat

Using this product may cause cancer of the stomach, intestines and pancreas. In 2015, the World He alth Organization classified red meat as an oncological medicine. In addition, scientists from the University of Leeds, who studied the analyzes of more than 32 thousand women over the age of 17, found the following: those who regularly consume red meat are more likely to develop colon cancer.

Baguettes, bread, white rice

According to the researchers, even if a person has never smoked, the presence in the diet of foods with a high glycemic index increases the risk of lung cancer by 49%.

The fact is that such a meal increases blood sugar levels and stimulates the production of insulin. And increased levels of this hormone lead to the risk of malignant neoplasms in the lungs. Of course, you don't have to give up all carbs. Just include wheat bread, unrefined rice and oats, buckwheat, barley, corn, rye. And these are the best options from fruits and vegetables with a low glycemic index: asparagus, tomatoes, onions, apples, grapefruit, beans, carrots, zucchini, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, strawberries and pears.

Very hot coffee

Of course, the coffee (or tea) drink itself is not carcinogenic. The temperature of the drink is important. If it is very high, it can cause esophageal cancer. Regular consumption of the esophagus with hot liquid is more likely to lead to the development of a tumor. By the way, scientists have proven that if, in addition to coffee, a person consumes alcohol and cigarettes, the risk of oncology will increase 5 times.


One study found that women who consumed large amounts of candy increased their risk of breast cancer by 27%. An increase in the level of glucose and insulin in the blood increases the production of estrogen, which can lead to oncological diseases.

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