After 60, consult a doctor about your diet

After 60, consult a doctor about your diet
After 60, consult a doctor about your diet

Retirees often, going on a well-deserved rest, realize that it would not be superfluous to add some useful habits to their grayer everyday life. They begin to adjust their nutrition using fad diets and products, and also include at least five minutes of physical exercise in their regimen. However, doctors warn that regardless of the obvious benefit of these useful activities, the wrong approach can lead to he alth problems. Therefore, follow the advice of the experts and do not overdo it with the "he althy lifestyle".

Physical activity is really good for the elderly, and the most frequently repeated recommendation is not to sit on the couch and to do at least 5 minutes of exercise. People aged 60 and over, who are in good physical shape, should practice moderate aerobic exercise (walking, swimming, cycling, dancing) for 30 minutes each day, and do strength training twice a week, experts say..

Problems can arise for those who are not used to sports and moving more. They dread the thought of upcoming physical exertion and see it as hardly a punishment. Therefore, it is enough for them to start and limit themselves to only 5-minute gymnastics at first. Such gymnastics energizes for the whole day. It warms up the muscles, revitalizes the ligaments and joints, moves the blood around the body after a night's sleep, normalizes breathing, gives vigor, raises the mood and develops discipline, experts say. And they assure that even these simple short exercises will make you feel much more comfortable.

Along with physical exercises, many pensioners also think about a proper he althy diet. One of the fads is to eat wheat sprouts, which are easy to prepare anyway. However, experts say, you should approach this issue very cautiously. And they explain: the general public, unfortunately, still does not know that wheat and other cereals, in addition to a wide range of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, trace elements, folates, the useful linoleic acid, also contain toxic substances.

Because many of the plants are forced to defend themselves from animals either with spines or by producing poisonous substances - protein-lectins. These poisons include gluten and wheat germ agglutinin. Also contained in bulgur.

This means that by using whole grain bread, a person, in addition to a portion of gluten, also receives agglutinin, which is a small molecule. It is resistant to high temperatures, can "leak" out of the intestine and spread with the blood stream, being embedded in various tissues of the body. Wheat germ agglutinin has the ability to bind to thyroid nodules. This substance "loves" sperm as well as eggs.

It penetrates the blood-brain barrier, enters the brain, interferes with the secretory function of the pancreas, attaches to the articular cartilages, provoking an immune response. Thus, it prevents the removal of fat from fat cells, forming insulin resistance and provoking atherosclerosis. These two components also harm the intestines.

That is why it is right to start your recovery in retirement very sensibly and thoughtfully. Regarding gymnastics, you can consult a physical therapy specialist, who will select the optimal exercises for you. You can expand them over time. Again, it is necessary to discuss your diet with a doctor to know what products are better to avoid at this age, even if they are considered very useful. And, of course, what products you must include in your menu.

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